Pancho’s Mexican Grill

Pancho Villa
Gnl. Francisco Villa,
“El Centauro del Norte”

I live by a few simple rules, and one of them is: If “Al Pastor” is on the menu, I order it. That pastor makes some spicy delicious pork.

Earlier this week I decided to finally check out Pancho’s Mexican Grill, which is right in my neighborhood. Named after Mexican Revolutionary Pancho Villa, the “centaur of the north,” it’s your typical taqueria, with a large menu full of specialties. (The menu’s design could use some typographic hierarchy, would be my only comment–when you visit you’ll see what I mean.)

This particular Al Pastor burrito had everything you’ve come to know and love about the Al Pastor burrito–namely, spicy greasy pork and other stuff wrapped in a tortilla. At $4.99 and definitely a two-handed sucker, this is a really filling burrito for a great price. The pork itself was just a bit drier than I’d like, but the spice was just right and the amount of grease was low (I’m no Guy Fieri, but I thing this is directly proportionate to the dryness)… in other words I only encountered grease toward the very end of the burrito. It came with a knife and fork and some garnish, which was a nice touch. They have great dipping salsas and homemade chips as well. CoolDMZ says check it out.

Pancho’s Mexican Grill
3751 Stockton Blvd
corner of Stockton & 13th Ave

Author: CoolDMZ

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  1. I second that! I fell in love with that place while I was pregnant. The giant taco salad in a crispy, greasy shell is excellent although not too healthy.


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