CBS13 crosses Rush

No, they didn’t insult Geddy Lee’s singing voice… (I’m all about the one-two punch dot-dot-dot opener today. I’m also all about trashing CBS13 apparently…)

I’m talking about this incredibly weird story involving CBS13, Rush Limbaugh, Wikipedia, Barack Obama, the Hobbits of the Shire, and an invisible rabbit….

The money graf:

Limbaugh, according to the website Wikipedia, had referred to Obama many times as “Obama the ‘Magic Negro'”, each time prefacing the comment by saying title with regard to Obama originated in an L.A. Times opinion article by freelance writer David Ehrenstein. Before today’s show, Chris Burrous, CBS13 anchor, says he read an article in a newspaper about a group who found Obama’s song racist. After he read the article, he says he immediately went to his computer to listen to the song, but says he hesitated and felt like he should turn down the song because of a black co-worker nearby.

And now Limbaugh is attacking the anchors of (the show) for their poll about the song, asking viewers whether or not they think the song is racist. He’s been joined by tons of viewers who have written to CBS13.

I have no interest in hearing the song or what Rush has to say about it. But I do think it is fitting that (the show) is only a few weeks old, and in its rush to ruffle feathers, is already 2 months behind on the news…

Author: CoolDMZ

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14 thoughts on “CBS13 crosses Rush”

  1. CBS13 Chris Burroughs is a media whore. This slut will do anything to get email and calls. on GDS if a caller complained about his chewing gum he’d go around smacking his gum on camera for weeks. complain about his messy desk and trash was strewn allover. anything for respones. he then clucks around showing how big he is….really. Don;t fall for his lame schtick. Burroughs is a crackwhore who’d do porno with his childern for ratings.


  2. Question: Is there reasonable person out there that does NOT think referring to a presidential candidate as “the Magic Negro” is a touch racist? It’s a totally unnewsworthy poll – not only out of date as it appears but also just a really, really stupid question. Not that Rush should have anything to complain about given that his show is the impetus for the question. He’s not exactly a uniter. How lame.


  3. Your opener is a groaner, but it does broach a subject that has never been resolved. Is middle C the same for Getty Lee and Berry Gibb as it is for the rest of humanity?


  4. Though building on DMZ’s pun it would have been awesome if the poll warned participants “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”


  5. Rush Limbaugh is an idiot, and not because he’s a staunch Republican. He’s just an idiot.


  6. Geddy Lee has the most annoying singing voice, and I haven’t been able to get “Tom Sawyer” out of my head since DMZ first posted this.

    Did you know that there used to be a City Council member in Woodland named Neal Peart, the same name & spelling as Rush’s drummer?


  7. jeff: I’m no musical expert but I think middle C exists for Geddy Lee, it’s just way down there toward the bottom of his range…

    by the way it removes a level of weirdness to this story that people keep misspelling the name Chris Burrous. Where’d the rest of it go?


  8. I think that both cbs13 and Rush are playing the sweeps week very well. Maybe they paid each other for the pub.


  9. Now I know why CW31’s Stephanie Cruz hated Chris Burrous so much when they used to co-anchor GoodDay Sacramento on the weekends. The guy comes off as a total used car salesman! Everytime he’s comes on the tube I make a point to change the channel. The guy appears like a smarmy know-it-all… I feel sorry for Lisa Gonzalez and weatherguy Jeff James. I hope this lame experiment in the morning will fail miserably. Who knows, eventually heads will roll and people will get canned…. hopefully news director Steve Charlier and his stupid ideas will be shown the door.


  10. LOL! – A a fan of Burrous or not, Scooter’s comment was hilarious.

    Loved the Rush reference. I will choose freewill, by the way.

    As for Rush Limbaugh, can we not give that guy any further attention? I’d rather hear about Paris Hilton’s plea to the Govenator for a stay of execution or whatever.


  11. Chris Burrous is an idiot, anyone that uses WIKIPEDIA as a credible news source – WTF?!
    HARPTON IMPRESSIONIST PAUL SHANKLIN: Barack the Magic Negro lives in D.C.
    The L.A. Times, they called him that
    ‘Cause he’s not authentic like me.

    RUSH: Stop the tape. LA Times’ David Ehrenstein, column, “Barack the Magic Negro.” The LA Times called him that. Our lyrics explain the genesis. The LA Times called him that because he’s not authentic like Sharpton. He’s not authentic. That means he’s not down for the struggle. We’re just taking what the left says and putting it in a parody here, and the great thing about parodies, if they’re good, they’re funny because there’s an element of truth in all of it, and truth is the theme of this parody. Remember, now, Sharpton’s singing through the bullhorn here. A lot of people think that we’re trying to make it sound like Amos and Andy. Amos and Andy, my rear end, he sings through a bullhorn on this program because that’s how he’s known. Here’s the next line.

    SHANKLIN: Yeah, the guy from the L.A. paper
    Said he makes guilty whites feel good
    They’ll vote for him, and not for me
    ‘Cause he’s not from the hood.

    RUSH: Stop. All right, now, the New York Post story, this is where Obama’s getting all this praise, but he’s been written about as the magic negro and he’s not authentic in the LA Times. Sharpton is authentic. That is a word that they have asked about him in the LA Times and other liberal papers, is he authentic or not? So we just use their words in the parody. All of these words came from Drive-By Media reports. And, of course, the hood, I mean that’s the way you determine authenticity. Obama not from the hood, he’s not down for the struggle. Now here’s the chorus line.

    SHANKLIN: See, real black men, like Snoop Dog,
    Or me, or Farrakhan
    Have talked the talk, and walked the walk.
    Not come in late and won!

    RUSH: Stop the tape. So Sharpton’s upset Barack Obama is getting all this praise. He’s getting all this love and adoration, but my God we’ve had Snoop Dog, we’ve had Farrakhan, we’ve had Sharpton, all these people doing all the groundwork, laying all this groundwork, and here comes this guy who is not authentic and he’s getting all the credit and Al Sharpton is mad about it, which is all true. Found it first in the New York Post. Anyway, here we go to more of it.

    SHANKLIN: (Refrain)
    Oh, Barack the Magic Negro, lives in D.C.
    The L.A. Times, they called him that
    ‘Cause he’s black, but not authentically.

    RUSH: Stop the tape. Now, how in the world, if you are a moron — I guess it’s because you’re a moron — when you’re playing the song this morning on Channel 13 in Sacramento, how do you miss the lyric going right by you? “The LA Times, they called him that ’cause he’s not authentic like me.” All this is rooted in the truth, the truth as reported by left-wing media types.

    SHANKLIN: Some say Barack’s “articulate”
    And bright and new and “clean”

    RUSH: Joe Biden said it!

    SHANKLIN: The media sure loves this guy,
    A white interloper’s dream!

    RUSH: Wait a second. Interloper, interloper, Sharpton called a bunch of interloper’s in Harlem Freddie’s Fashion Mart, right? The place burned to the ground. Later was said that the people who owned Freddie’s Fashion Mart were called interlopers. So Sharpton used the world. I would love to take credit for the brilliant creativity here, but all we had to do is piece together what a bunch of liberals have been saying, and we got our lyrics.

    SHANKLIN: But, when you vote for president,
    Watch out, and don’t be fooled!
    Don’t vote the Magic Negro in

    RUSH: Stop it. Stop it. Now, this is crucial. In every one of our Sharpton parodies, he can’t get through the whole song without starting a protest because that’s what he’s known for, protesting through the bullhorn. So the chorus will keep singing, the music will keep playing, but Sharpton leaves the lyric line to start protesting, which is what he’s known for, and the things he says in his protest, which you’ll hear coming up, are simply representative of what has been said about Barack Obama by Sharpton and so forth early on in this. This, to me, is the funniest part of the song.

    SHANKLIN: ‘Cause — ’cause I won’t have nothing after all these years of sacrifice. I won’t get justice. This is about justice. This isn’t about me, this is about justice and about buffet, haven’t had no buffet, and there ain’t going to be any church contribution, ain’t going to be no cash in the collection plate, there ain’t going to be no cash, no walking-around money, no phoning money, now Barack going to come in here and say —

    RUSH: Stop the tape. So the chorus, the producers are trying to override Sharpton’s protest by turning up the volume here on the chorus because they’re getting a little worried he’s off the lyric line. This is hilarious. This is so brilliantly done — and, by the way, I’ve heard people say this doesn’t sound like Sharpton. It sounds exactly like Al Sharpton, one of Paul Shanklin’s Bess impressions is Sharpton. I’m thinking of firing Shanklin just so he can show up on Oprah and get even more publicity. I’ll hire him back after all that happens.


  12. Chris Burrous tried to pull a “Rosie” and it backfired. I’m still LMAO. I never did like that guy.

    CBS13 (and their “sister station”) has really gone downhill since they reformatted.

    CW31 seems to be trying to attract a younger audience with their “40 somethings trying to act like a teenager” news people. Markass Allen needs to find a circus to join, and take Chris Burrous with him.

    I’ll stick with the more legitimate local news stations. Thanks.


  13. One of my hopes in relocating from Kern County was I would find credible, noteworthy newsreporting on television. Intstead, to my horror, I found Chris Burrous in my livingroom–again. Not literally, thank God; but on the local news-ugh. He’s the same boring, shameless, and classless so-called “reporter” on t.v. I want to move again, but instead will just change the channel.


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