Makin’ controversies at CBS13

Or is it Or is it just (the show) or (the website)? I don’t even know anymore…

Yesterday’s news out of Riverbank about an entire family killed in a collision with an Amtrak train is truly frightening. The stuff of nightmares. CBS13’s led with this story all day, with Mike Dello Stritto and Serene Branson on scene.

A fatal accident on the highway in central California. Remind you of anything? I think it reminded CBS13 of the problems Solano residents are having with Highway 12, and they decided to run with that. Dello Stritto continued to report from the scene at the 11:00 newscast, even though it was pitch black outside and so the crossing arm he pointed to could have been anywhere. He tossed back to Sam and Pallas who… tossed back out to Serene Branson, standing seemingly a few feet away from Dello Stritto to report on another angle of the story. Awk-waaard.

And then they call K-Ming.

Kurtis MingKurtis comes in to “do his thing” all up in the news by pulling up reports on car-train collisions in Riverbank since 1989 (he shows them to us even. They were words! Printed on paper!). He reports sternly that this is the 6th such accident in the last 18 years. Then, however, he read the actual stats, which included no other fatal accidents in that time span and (to my memory) only one other injury accident! In other words, another way to say this would have been this is the first fatal accident in 18 years in a small town with something like a dozen railroad crossings.

But there was a chance to turn this into another Highway 12 scandal, which has now generated specific legislation to fix that stretch of road, and I think they ran with it.

Like his namesake Ming the Merciless, Kurtis Ming must be stopped! And there is only one man currently in pre-production to possibly get picked up by a network to do the job…

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5 thoughts on “Makin’ controversies at CBS13”

  1. first off i think it’s great when they “tag-team” a story. and yes..they actually are a few feet apart. on several occasions i’ve seen up to 4 cbs13 reporters standing side by side litterally passing the mic to the next guy/girl to continue on with a story. i think it’s how they are able to run an entire newscast without ever giving more than 2 pieces of news. although i think my personal fav is when they tag team in the “weather center.” like rain and sunshine need 2 people to report it. evryone needs to do themsevles a favor and never watch this station again. you’d be better off standing outside and asking the average passerby, “hey, what do you know?”


  2. What in the hell happened to this station in the past year or so? I do realize that the CBS network bought it and made changes… but I never would have thought that CBS13 would be a textbook case on how NOT to do TV journalism. I do realize it is May sweeps…. but it makes me wonder how many more important stories are not being covered? I do realize that CBS13 is trying to break the ratings juggernaut that KCRA has established for decades… but I think their sensationalistic news plan will backfire and actually drive away viewers. Somebody get Paul & Jen on the phone…. NOW!!!


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