I’ll take “Awkward Photos” for $600…

Carlos and AlexDid anybody else catch Bee columnist Carlos Alcala on “Jeopardy” last night? His take on the appearance from Monday’s Bee is a fun little read.

Carlos, who’s visited the Rag a few times, was up against a 2-day champ, a young grad student from back East. He started the first round off slow but had a great run in double jeopardy that almost put him in the lead. During that run I thought it was notable that he got the champ to change categories a few times. Also I thought it was notable that he started the “Star Wars” category. He was down going into Final Jeopardy (“Who is Nancy Pelosi?”? Seriously, that’s your “final Jeopardy” notable woman?) and since that usually takes a really obscure category to force the leader into a low wager or an actual wrong answer by the leader, he bet big but finished second. Good work, Carlos!

Author: CoolDMZ

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6 thoughts on “I’ll take “Awkward Photos” for $600…”

  1. Hey! We have pretty much that exact photo in our house, only instead of Carlos Alcala with Alex, it’s SAC-EATS with Alex. Anyone who wants to see his Jeopardy! appearance from March 10, 1999, come on over!

    Way to go, Carlos! Loved the Scene section article on the whole process!


  2. I pretty much have that exact photo in my house, too! Only instead of Carlos Alcala, it’s me and instead of Alex it’s my friend from college and instead of it being in front of a Jeopardy sign it’s in front of a huge neon sign that reads “Welcome to Las Vegas”.

    Life is so funny that way.


  3. Maybe Carlos and I should start the “I finished second on Jeopardy” club, Sacramento chapter. We could get t-shirts and go on Jeffrey Callison’s “Insight.”


  4. I saw him. I think Carlos could have won, if his competition was anyone except Ken Jennings or that two-day champ.

    “I’ll take Potent Potables for $200, Alex.”


  5. I like the t-shirt idea and we would love to see that footage!

    We watch Jeopardy every night..brain exercise. I thought Carlos did very well. We were hoping he’d win.

    I’ll have to start reading Thursday’s Bee.


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