ABC sitcom features “Real World: Sacramento”

Because I only saw a few mentions of this on local Twitter feeds, I present to you a clip from last week’s episode of the ABC sitcom “Happy Endings” which featured gag about a (fictional) un-aired season of “Real World: Sacramento” on which “the gang first got together.” Copious shots of the Sacto skyline, but an unfortunate lack of Sacramento mockage. Unless the shot of the Pearl St. sign is a joke about how Sacramento idolizes Portland? Everything after the first 0:27 featuring the cowtown version of the iconic opening of RW is really more for the “Happy Endings” fans out there. If you haven’t seen the show yet you should, it is highly underrated and one of the best comedies going. I believe it airs at Hulu-o’clock on Hulusday. NSFW for language.

Zombie related scheduling nightmare on Halloween

This year, October 31 not only brings us candy and costumed fun, but it brings us AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” based on the acclaimed graphic novel published by Berkeley’s Image Comics. However, local film series Movies on a Big Screen is showing George A. Romero’s 1968 classic “Night of the Living Dead,” widely considered the finest example of the zombie film genre. So your options are a classic that you have seen a bazillion times but maybe never on the big screen with other fans, or the small screen debut of a more relevant story and a soon-to-be classic.

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Man v. Food: Sacramento

Fans of the show “Man v. Food” on the Travel Channel will be treated to a Sacramento edition on Wednesday, September 29th at 9:00 p.m. E/P.

In the Golden State capital, Adam gets a true taste of Sactown when he visits the California State Fair. Adam experiences everything from rodeos, to roller coasters, to monster trucks at this annual gathering, but he’s really there for the main attraction: the food! At the fair, Adam tries the most delicious mobile meals Sacramento has to offer: he falls in serious soulful love with deep fried catfish on a stick, and stops by the Sweet Cheeks stand for everything he’s ever wanted for dessert–deep fried! Adam also has the best of two worlds with the Twister Dog at Tornado Potato.

After the fair, Adam visits Jim Denny’s, a Sac City institution known for having the best breakfast in town. With “The Works”, Adam tries a two pound omelet that combines everything on the menu. Finally, Adam takes on the Knucklehead Challenge at Parker’s Hot Dogs. In 100 attempts, only one person has completed this five pound platter in the twenty minute allotted time-slot. This challenge is made up of 5-half pound hot dogs on a 16 inch bun smothered in four pounds of chili, nacho cheese, veggies, tortilla strips, and fries.

Anthony Bourdain!

Anthony Bourdain, India

My new blogging friend Nick from totally hooked me up with some tickets to see Anthony Bourdain tonight! Nick runs a great blog about local eats and drinks with lots of info about special deals and tons of reviews. And I especially love his “Stuff I Ate for Lunch” section which reminds me of something I used to write on my first website BLUE MAG. Holy shit, I was doing that in 2002.

An just now I read that Bourdain is writing a graphic novel about “ultraviolent food nerds” for DC’s Vertigo imprint. He was already super cool in my book.

Grant vs Folsom on ESPN tonight!

Reminder that ESPN RISE will feature Grant High vs. Folsom High tonight at 7pm on ESPN 2.

The RISE site has a nice feature on Viliami Moala, Grant’s 340-lb lineman.

The big question is whether you’ll be listening to the coverage with Slammin’ Sammy on “Panther Radio” or getting En Fuego on 1040 a.m.

Conan O’Brien to appear in Sacramento

Conan O’Brien’s nationwide stage tour, the “Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour” (ha) will be making a stop right here in Sacramento on May 6, according to the just-released tour dates.

The show will take place at the Memorial Auditorium. Let’s show Team Coco how wonderful Sacramento can be! Tickets can be purchased here.

The Crumbling of America

The History Channel amuses me, as many of their shows seem to be fact checked by contestants on “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader” (the adults, not the kids), yet I still tune in to their shows. Today, I watched The Crumbling of America, which details the disasters that American cities face from our dilapidated infrastructure.

Of course, Sacramento’s levee system is highlighted. My favorite part is their computer simulation of a levee breach in Natomas, which consists of a picture of water superimposed over a picture of Arco Arena. Woo, high tech!

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How I Met Your Swisher

Former beloved River Cat and current evil Yankee Nick Swisher has been cast as himself in the CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother,” entertainment blog “The Wrap” reports.

When Swisher drops by MacLaren’s bar, the women all swoon– putting a major crimp in bachelor Barney’s game.

It’s about time an episode centered on how Barney is a ladies’ man. Swisher’s episode airs February 1, 2010.

Weekend Thoughts: Holiday Road

The other night I fell asleep with the TV on. I had this odd dream about National Lampoon’s Vacation and the John Candy Wally World scene. Very strange. I woke up around 3 a.m. and turned the TV off. I got to thinking about it in the morning and discovered why I was having that dream (or least partly why) …

Man, that’s catchy.

For additional entertainment be sure to check out Rashida Jones singing the “I Love Stuffing” song. Or at She is great. You may remember her in the “Prop 8: The Musical” video featuring Sacramento Community College.

A random post about a dream I had to a Sacramento connection in 8.6 seconds. A new record!