Kru: Further Reflections

‘Twas a busy weekend in Northern California for the Eats.  One of the highlights was a group event at Kru on J st.  Now I’ve already signaled my appreciation for Kru’s sushi in a previous piece, but I really haven’t had a chance to try their non-sushi items.  This group dinner gave the perfect opportunity to sample away at some true delicacies.  So, consider this an addendum to last week’s sushi review.

If you find yourself at Kru, take a chance and try their small plate of ribs, a fantastic plate with pork and hamachi “ribs.”  The ribs are flavorful, tender and delicious.  Also, the lamb chops are fantastic (yes they serve lamb chops at a Japanese restaurant, are you going to make a big deal out of it?), tender and perfectly cooked.  The “poke trio,” a selection of three fishes served in the traditional Hawaiian style was my favorite of the evening.  It was like a Hawaiian party in my mouth, except without the annoying tourists.

Really, who knew that all these sushi restaurants actually serve things besides sushi?  And, here’s the kicker, the non-sushi dishes are sometimes better than the sushi.  It makes you think, really, go ahead, try it, try thinking, come on, you can do it.  Ok, fine, just look at it this way, Kru can be a great destination point for the sushi and non-sushi eating crowd as well.  Thank God, since it doesn’t appear that Tex Wasabi’s is really thrilling anyone on that tip.  Keep trying, Guy!

Kru-2516 J St, Saramento