Movin’ On Up: Where would you want to live?

Here’s the assignment:

We have a new Supervisor at my company moving to Sacramento from Albuquerque, NM.  He will not be my direct supervisor, so I can afford to be honest with him.  As a Sacramento native, I have been asked to help this new transfer in finding the appropriate part of town in which to live. 

Here are the parameters to keep in mind:   Our new resident is male, 35 years of age, single, no kids, in a professional job with a professional salary, he’s not at all “stuffy” (in fact quite the opposite).  He’s looking to rent or perhaps buy a condo and will probably have to go to El Dorado Hills and the airport with equal frequency (one or two times per week). 

Where do you think he should live?

14 thoughts on “Movin’ On Up: Where would you want to live?”

  1. if they were finished i would say those brownstones on 21st and T. can he possibly stay put for like 6-9 months?


  2. Albuquerque. Yeah- He should definately live in Albuquerque. Oh- wait- he’s from NEW Mexico- ok… HA! Seriously- he should RENT for 1 year, get to know the lay of the land (it all slopes toward Natomas), and THEN decide. Albuquerque=big sky. Mid/Downtown would be hell. (EDH + Airport)/2 = North/West Land Park-ish, or way south midtown.


  3. I would say he should move into an apartment or something in midtown on a rental basis, and then decide. I have had friends move here from various places and eventually choose locations that I would never guess they would pick. Its great to be in midtown if you are new to the area, but some people end up loving the Elk Grove/Roseville vibe and others only want the midtown. Its a good place to start if you are coming to Sacto sight unseen, as I did 10 years ago. FYI, I would love to live in midtown now, if there was somewhere for the 3 rottweilers to hang.


  4. Go figure!!! I moved to Sac from Albuquerque in December 2005. I ended up in Carmichael. I sure hope he held onto his house out there if he owned it! I have not clue where the f’ he should live. I’m in Carmichael, and it has all its good and bad points. 🙂


  5. Definitely downtown. The lofts are nice, but there are plenty of sweet duplexes and quads for sale in various Victorians along the F corridor and near McKinley, and prices are comparatively low(ish) now.

    But yeah, keep him out of the burbs if at all possible!


  6. I would have to pimp “East Sac.” There a number of nice Rentals in the area. It is close enough to downtown to make it easy to hit the “cool” spots but quiet enough to be able sleep in (as long as you can sleep through the sound of leaf blowers.)


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