The “Sacramento guy” shirt

I would like to know which commission or government agency is responsible to handing out these shirts to men when they turn 50. Do they just come in the mail or do you have to pick them up somewhere? Continue to see what I’m talking about…

the Sacramento guy shirt

Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

14 thoughts on “The “Sacramento guy” shirt”

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  2. Does that guy have an uneven peg leg? Or is he also modeling a flip flop and a work boot simultaneously.


  3. I totally hope they hand those out when I turn 50. That’s a sweet shirt!
    I’m a fond consumer of Aloha shirts. I have no idea what you guys are talking about in dissing that shirt. Did I also mention that I play the banjo?


  4. I have a feeling this is one of those things where now that you’ve mentioned it I’m going to see like a million of these shirts on my commute home today. Sort of like when PeeWee gets his bike stolen and seems a giant parade of bike riders everywhere he goes.


  5. you just know he’s got the flip-flops with the bottle opener embedded in the bottom.


  6. I hope I look like him when I’m 50. Hell, I wish I looked like that now. I also wish I had a wine tasting event to go to on my way home from work and a pair of flip flops with a bottle opener in the bottom (can’t wear my “open beer here” belt buckle with swim trunks).


  7. omg Stick It, you’re right, Huell Howser is the prototype of the guy I’m talking about. To me he is one of the funniest norcal celebrities ever. He’s like a local version of a Fred Willard character.

    and just for the record, it’s really not the shirt that i have a problem with… i’m not exactly an aloha shirt guy but i have nothing against them… it’s just definitely a “reticular indicator” type of thing, look around on weekends and you’ll start seeing them all over now.


  8. A few of the kindly older gentlemen in my office have the “Aloha shirts only” standard for business casual Fridays. I think they look quite “easy breezy Covergirl” myself.

    And no, sac-eats is not kidding when he alludes to having a closet full of such shirts (purchased at Hilo Hattie, Albertson’s, and all places in between.)


  9. ZOMG. If “they” hand out these shirts to men over 50, my husband will want to get on that mailing list. He just turned 50 last year – and out of the blue, first time in our lives, he remarks to me that he’d love a Hawaiian shirt.


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