J Street Sidewalk Pizza gone

UPDATE: 7:12 pm – My wife informs me that I misinterpreted her IM earlier, and that the change is official at the location formerly known as Sidewalk Pizza. It’s a taqueria. Sniff. Mmmm, tacos…

I had recently seen what I assumed was a facelift in process at Sidewalk Pizza on Jay street. My wife passed by the spot earlier today and reports that actually what’s going on is that the location is changing over to a Mexican restaurant. Pizza is one of those things — like burgers — that one person can be in love with, and the next guy absolutely hates. Sidewalk on Jay was one of my absolute favorite pies. I’m sad to see it go.

Interesting discussion about this at Yelp… speculation that it was going to be part of the La Fiesta/La Favorita enterprise, accusations of blindsiding the staff. It never seemed like business was very good at Sidewalk but it always seemed like a good location for eats. Plus as my wife just pointed out, it’s hard to complain about another Mexican joint.

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14 thoughts on “J Street Sidewalk Pizza gone”

  1. Sidewalk was a pale imitation of its former glory. The last time I was there I was very sad because I remembered it being a much better, much more vibrant place. But maybe that was just the rose colored glasses of nostalgia.


  2. I miss Shakey’s Pizza!

    It is very NOT COOL that there isn’t a Shakey’s in Sacramento.

    I fear that I’ll eat at Shakey’s again some day and be disappointed that it doesn’t live up to all of my childhood memories of THE BEST PIZZA EVER. Maybe I don’t want Shakey’s to return afterall.


  3. uneasy rhetoric: you’re probably right, it definitely has a nostalgic basis. same reason my favorite burger is right across the street at Franke’s.

    Tenebrist: the Yelpers were saying Sidewalk == Shakey’s, what do you think about that?


  4. Tenebrist, I went to a Shakey’s down in the San Fernando Valley about five years ago, and the mojo potatoes were just as good as I remembered them from 30 years ago when I first had them at the Shakey’s in Eureka.


  5. I used to go to Sidewalk as a kid for the lunch buffet & video games & I loved it. Much later I lived across the street from it & couldn’t believe how downhill it had gone. I’ll miss looking at the cool awning & sign but I’m 100% sure I never would have gone there to eat again.


  6. BOOO! We already have too many crappy mesican restaurants in sacramento. Sidewalk pizza tasted just like Shakey’s. I liked both.


  7. mt sacramento, lunch buffet and vidja games was a staple of mine and commenter John’s as well.

    i’m trying to remember what games they had there at various times. i’m conjuring up a memory of Spy Hunter but i’m not sure.

    oh man this could easily be extended into a full post generating tons of comment. Rygar at 51st Round Table, Time Zone, etc. … expect that post soon.


  8. Back in JR High in the 80’s I used to stop by on the way home..I would play a great Le Mans game. It had cool paddle shifters..


  9. I think Sidewalk didn’t taste like Shakey’s at all. Shakey’s had it’s own unique taste. I remember it distinctly. And I miss it terribly! Crappy-crap-CRAP!


  10. Those of you looking for a Sidewalk/Shakey’s type pizza experience in Sacramento might try Brick Oven Pizza at the corner of 35th and S. Land Park in the IGA (former Jumbo) parking lot.

    I’m in Ohio, now, so tell the owner, Gary, that I said hi and sent ya.

    Their pizza has that same sort of cracker type crust that gets air bubbles in it and is *very* dry.

    I went to Sutter Middle School, so Sidewalk on J was the defacto hangout on short days back in the 80s, but I haven’t been there in decades.

    For arcades, though, my favorite was the one in OldTown, but I can’t remember the name. Hated the MineShaft, but the HideOut in OLD Arden Faire back by the UA was cool too.

    Cal State Fair arcade tents were always cool, too. You would see the rare, odd games that never seemed to work for very long and waste quarters on it.


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