RW Shauvon update #1

I’m going to take the liberty of following up on RonTopofIt’s earlier post introducing us to Real Worlder Shauvon by giving my take on last night’s premiere and my thoughts on Real World Season 38…

First of all I’ll never understand MTV’s business model. I don’t have MTV in my home on the cable TV, but I watched last night’s episode at about 9:15 online. They revamped their site in the last year or so and it now actually boasts one of the best integrated video players of any TV network. Network buffering was a bitch on the old site, and there was no full screen player; now you get full screen action and smooth playback. Kudos to MTV. You get one 15 second commercial for each normal commercial break. (“I’m awesome!” for anybody who also watched online.) I’m not sure I’d watch MTV on my TV if I had MTV on my TV.

Anyway this season looks to be a major snoozefest. Will Isaac return to his lawbreakin ways induced by the free liquor provided by the good folks at MTV? Will Kelly Anne and Parisa ever get along? Will they have to keep displaying names whenever Trisha and Shauvon share the screen because they are clones? Will anybody ever understand what Cohutta is saying? (Dang old, make me want to watch King of the Hill, dang old.) Zzzz. Wake me when “Heroes” is on. That Sark is going to be a kickass samurai…

Author: CoolDMZ

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2 thoughts on “RW Shauvon update #1”

  1. since you’re talking about TV i’ll add this little bit here althought it has not a thing to do with the real world. my wife was driving down the freeway today and next to her was the TAPS (complete with Rhode Island plates and all) van from Sci-Fi’s Ghost Hunters. Looks like they may be headed to the reno area or something.


  2. TP: It must be the day for spousal semi-celebrity sightings. Hubby called me earlier to tell me that he saw “Sandy” (real name = Lola) being walked down 16th Street. Some of you might know her as the dog in this week’s Music Circus production of “Annie.” I hope I’m not ruining his street cred by posting this tidbit. He only called me to tell me about it since he knew I’d be super-excited about it in a kind of way.


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