Sacramento: Ferrari Capital of North America?

Ok, this is getting a little ridiculous.

I remember a time when the Ferrari was an unattainable God-among-automobiles-  Where the vision of them could only be seen on posters and car magazines.  But now it seems like every time I run an errand around Sac, there’s another one zipping by me.

At first I thought it was another Sacramento anomaly, like Chain Guy, where a single Sacramentan was a Ferrari motorist.  But no! Red ones, Blue ones, Yellow ones.  Testa Rossas, Diablos, and Enzos.  I seem them everywhere.  In fact, I was telling this story to my wife as we were driving down the street, and as she was laughing about how odd it was- what should pass us?

Has anyone else observed this phenomena?  Methinks the Sacramento Board of Directors have.

9 thoughts on “Sacramento: Ferrari Capital of North America?”

  1. There happens to be one guy (Rontopofit, you’ll recognize him from Peet’s) who not only has multiple Ferraris, but multiple Ferrari hats to go with them. Maybe that’s who you’re seeing.


  2. I sure do know of whom you speak, sac-eats. Dare I say he enjoys his share of Von Dutch apparel, too?


  3. maybe he’s the guy who owns the luxery car shop on folsom…across from cafe mullatzo or there abouts.


  4. As long as we can see a come back of the Magnum PI mustache with the Ferrari’s. Maybe we should all chip in and buy RE a Ferrari to match the Hawaiian Shirt.


  5. sac-eats & RonTopofIt: That Ferrari guy is an all right guy! A few jabs here and there at his daily wardrobe were always accepted with a knowing smile. His very very very pretty wife likes to shop for him. So he gets the joke.

    I think he owned only one Ferrari at a time. And the last time I saw him, he didn’t own a Ferrari. Although, this was several months ago.


  6. I hate anyone that can wear jeans and flip flops at 8:40AM on a Tuesday. And at Peet’s, that’s EVERYONE.

    I kid the Peet’s clientèle.

    I haven’t seen red convertible Mercedes retired guy in a while with the Norway hat. He still around?


  7. Seriously, how can that many people not have jobs? Maybe they work at night — like at restaurants or bars — so they’re able to be jeans-wearing flip floppied Peet’s customers, while the rest of us working stiffs are trying to avoid spilling java on our corporate dress code dictated threads.


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