DB comes back to life with Movie City USA

DB, creator of one of my former favorite local blogs, The Barnesyard, has come back to the personal publishing world with a new film reviews/lists/humor site Movie City, USA

Many of you may remember that I used to run a little film criticism blog called The Barnesyard. It provided me with an informal setting where I could “rap” with the kids about the real issues facing today’s youth – the validity of the auteur theory, the effects of the monolithic American movie distribution model, early Ozu vs. late Ozu, peer pressure, bullies, and the like. I shut down The Barnesyard almost one year ago due to pressure from
Homeland Security – apparently The Terrorists were so disemboldened by my tales of freedom that they had become lazy and uninteresting – but I’m ready to restart it under a different banner – Movie City USA.

The new site will publish a different type of post every weekday. I look forward to more of DB’s keen film sensibility and devilish wit.

Author: CoolDMZ

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