California State Fair 2007

Friday is opening day for State Fair 2007. While most people only think of rides and fried food, I am a fan of the Fair for the million and one ways that it represents and honors the great people and State of California. To find out what is happening on a day-to-day basis, check out for the daily schedule.

One of my favorite activities is tucking a flask of whiskey in my boot and checking out the bands on the Golden 1 Stage. Here are the next few offerings. Remember that these shows are free with admission, but seating is first come-first served. Reserved seats are available for some extra cash.

Friday 8/17 Tesla
Tuesday 8/21 Huey Lewis and the News
Wednesday 8/22 Daughtry
Thursday 8/23 The Temptations Review

Stay tuned to the SacRag for more reports from the California State Fair.

11 thoughts on “California State Fair 2007”

  1. This is the best damn time of the year. I’m going to take some Kobayashi-style stomach relaxing drugs, eat ten corndogs, drink a gallon of beer and pass out in the Inyo County booth. And Tesla tomorrow? Sweet.


  2. no mention of fried Coke? you gotta mention fried Coke. What if people forget and next year, no fried Coke?


  3. When’s my “Shootin’ an’ stabbin’ an’ riotin’ is my culture– Yo, I’m representin’!” Day? The Fair’s website is a little vague on scheduling for some reason (tho there is a hip hop event on the last Thursday). We have had great turnout for this event 6 years running now, but it’s harder and harder to coordinate. I hate it when I get all dressed up and accessorized for wilding and realize I’ve shown up on the wrong date. Worse than wearing white before May first…


  4. The fair is basically the same every year.

    Once I saw a cooking demonstration for pots and pans that cooked food without water. The food tasted terrible. I mentioned that to the guy who did the cooking demonstration. He then tried to sell me pots and pans. I didn’t buy any pots or pans, but many people did.

    I talked to someone in the Democratic Party booth. The booth next to it was a vacuum cleaner booth. The guy kept dropping stuff on the floor, then vacuuming it.


  5. Lynn, I certainly hope you check out more at the fair than the crap for sale in the exhibition halls! 🙂


  6. The first time that they had the 9//11 memorial, I bought a teddy bear and left it by the picture of a local man who had died on that day in the Twin Towers. I also left some necklaces on the beam from the Twin Towers.

    I saw a calf being born. I milked a cow. I saw a smashed car that had been driven by a drunk driver. That car is there every summer. I saw a man riding a horse while standing on it. I saw a cooking competition by some firefighter chefs, and I ate some of the food that one of the firefighters prepared.


  7. On the subject of Fried Coke, I’m still trying to figure out how KCRA straight-facedly interviewed a local guy on how he “came up with” the dish, given that it’s been making the circuit since it was introduced *last September* by Abel Gonzales, Jr., at the State Fair of Texas. I mean, come on– it was on news programs and late-night comedy monologues all over the country! Strange.


  8. Fried Coke is a way for Coke to get promoted and make even more money. Also, Dasani is the only bottled water which is sold at the fair. It costs $3.50 for a small bottle. It tastes terrible: I tried it once. It’s tap water. Dasani is a Coke “product.”

    A free sample of fried Coke was brought to Good Day Sacramento on Sunday. The anchors put the Coke cup in front of them and left it there, so I turned the TV off.

    I talked to someone who had gone to the fair when it was on Stockton Blvd. This person said that in the past, the fair didn’t have fried food and wasn’t as commercial as it is now.


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