Watcha Doin’ This Weekend?

Here’s a sample of what the Eat’s might be doing this weekend.  What are you doing? 

FRIDAY– State Fair-Day 1: Eating (Especially looking forward to the BBQ Beef sandwiches at “Buns on the Run,” a small stand towards the back of the fair, next to the “kiddie” midway.  Go check it out, the homemade potato chips are divine.)  Also, don’t forget to check out the “Derby Girls.”

SATURDAY-State Fair- Day 2: Animal Extravaganza, 10am Morbid activity “From Dirt to Dish,” how living things are slaughtered for your sustenance, 11am Goat Milking!  2pm Swine Championships ( I have no idea what this entails)

SUNDAY- Recovering from State Fair.  Also, may just go over to Old Ironsides at 9pm to check out the tribute to the Kinks featuring “Baby Grand” among others.