Raging Bulls

OK, I don’t want to turn this into a discussion on whether rodeos are form of animal cruelty — I just want to point your attention to this story from the Bee’s website.

A couple bulls got loose at the fair and trampled an officer who was protecting fair-goers from said bulls. A rodeo clown also saved a young child from certain harm by scooping up the tot and hopping over a fence. The police officer suffered broken ribs, some abrasions, and a minor concussion. The clown remained unscathed (and I presume he piled into a Volkswagen with the rest of the clowns afterwards.)

While all of this had to be truly frightful for those involved and for those who witnessed the incident, I can’t help but smile when reading this quote, “Fair spokesman May said he was not aware of the child’s rescue and did not know the clown’s name.” Jingles? Sunshine? Patches?

It’s not quite as good as a quote about cleaning a chimichanga off a chandelier, but it does come close.

10 thoughts on “Raging Bulls”

  1. I can only imagine that poor child’s trauma! The only question is will he/she be terrified of clowns, or will they seem heroic? Interesting…


  2. Bovinophobia:

    1) Irrational fear of cattle and other domesticated ungulates.

    2) The condition that will strike this child into his/her adulthood.

    3) The reason why sac-eats flaked on me at the fair tonight?

    (p.s. kudos to those who clearly acted heroically to save onlookers from a potentially dangerously situation. In Stickie’s view, these individuals get a big ass RIGHT AWN!!!!!)


  3. i think Orwell suffered from bovinophobia. that could explain why there are no cattle in Animal Farm.


  4. All this and no mention of the female officer’s heroic effort to shield fairgoers from the bulls.


  5. I left the fair approximately twenty minutes before this happened. I had originally planned to stay until I heard that they cancelled the turkey part of the show— the lieutenant governor’s wife complained that it distracted from the bull dancing.

    Bring back the wild turkeys! They’re crazier than a rampaging pack of rabid Chihuahuas!


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