California State Fair 2007 – Closing Week

This year, the Fair was a week shorter, so it was harder to cram in every ounce of fun that I usually derive from my season pass. The last week always brings out the heavy hitters on the Golden 1 Stage, and we’ve got some good music coming up.

Tonight – KC and the Sunshine Band (Who among us can resist putting on the boogie shoes?)
Thursday – All American Rejects (You know… for kids. Kids that like to pretend that they have problems)
Friday – The Commodores (No Lionel, but I am willing to bet that they will bring it. And by it, I mean the funk)
Saturday – Amy Hanaiali’i Gilliom (Possibly the #1 performer of Hawaiian music in the world and, reportedly, an amazing vocalist)
Sunday – Chicago (Who really kick ass, ask someone who remembers)
Monday – Weird Al (Do I even need to print his last name? You know who I mean. An amazing show, you won’t be disappointed)

Here are a few quick recommendations to check out:

The California Green Dream Expo showcases new gizmos to make our lives a little more environmentally friendly.

Jeremy, the young dude juggling on the unicycle. Incredible.

Mick Martin and the Blues Rockers, who play every evening at the Blues and Brews Stage. Local legends for free.

City folks cringing in fear every time a cow shits within 20 feet of them at the Livestock Pavillion.

Bummer, the “Ewe Tube”. She has a web cam tied around her neck. She is unhappy about it. She is in the petting zoo. Besides a bad pun, nothing to see here.
Check out the lameness at

The Toyota X-treme Zone, for X Games champions jumping their bikes and shit.

More dangerously obese people than you have ever seen in your life.

The award winning art created by kids from throughout the state, which never fails to impress me.

The two free water stations near the kids’ area. Stay hydrated, people!

6 thoughts on “California State Fair 2007 – Closing Week”

  1. Stickie,

    How many times have you been to the fair so far this summer? How much does the season pass cost? I haven’t been to the fair yet. Maybe tommorow.

    The California Green Dream Expo looks interesting.


  2. Alert: KC & the Sunshine Band burned the California State Fair to the ground. The animals are running free. The carnies are trying to score drugs on Florin. The deep fried friers are shut down.

    In general, there are two types of mainstream acts playing the State Fair: Those seeking glory, and those who have seen their glory days pass.

    Of those bands past, some go through the motions, and some destroy all who dare to witness their show. KC & the Sunshine Band are clearly the latter.

    (Paraphrased) Quote of the night: For those young people who are looking up here wondering who the hell we are, we are your mother’s N’Sync. Take a good look, people, this is what Justin Timberlake will look like in 30 years.

    The crowd went nuts.

    I cannot say enough about this band. Clearly, most of the members were not alive during KC’s heyday, but everyone, from the horn section to the rhythm section to the singers to the dancers to the guitar soloist, were on fire. (Note. Was one of the dancers named Jackie, who used to be a Clipper girl? I wonder…)

    Please be aware that I am a total music snob, who hates more bands that I see than I like. I have high standards. This band met them and exceeded them. That’s the way, uh-huh uh-huh, I like it, uh-huh uh-huh.

    God bless KC & the Sunshine Band for making my State Fair.


  3. Lynn, the pass is $36. I always get my money’s worth. This is my third visit this year (usually I go more by now) but I will be going several times in the next few days. A one day admission is $10.


  4. If you need a place to cool down at the State Fair, head back to the forestry exhibit. It’s shady, peaceful, and fragrant. Head straight back past the Golden One stage, and you’ll see the large trees. Grab a drink and chill there for a spell.


  5. KZZO-FM is passing out tickets to a few of the concert events (mostly those that play on their station) by way of a contest. Their DJ is broadcasting from the fair during the afternoon hours before 6PM.


  6. A Commodore is a high ranking naval officer, who has had a wide range of experience at sea. As a sailor, a Commodore has been exposed to all sorts of colorful phrases, swears, and four letter words.

    At the Commodores show tonight, I was also full of four letter words. Dull. Lame. Suck. Bore.

    The other four letter word that kept echoing in my head was VAMP, which is when a band plays a riff over and over while the singer rambles on and on about Jesus, washing before a date, treating your woman right, meeting your neighbors, and whatever other lame topic of conversation he uses to distract you from the fact that the band is old, tired and lacking a repertoire of hits adequate to fill an hour. As a result, they stretched some songs out to 10-15 minute snore fests.

    Whomever was mixing the sound was also doing a terrible job. The music was overwhelmed by the snare drum, one of the keyboards, and the bass. With eyes closed, one could not determine if there was even a guitar player on stage.

    As I predicted, the Commodores brought a four letter word to Sacramento, but it was not “funk”.


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