Mid-town Taqueria: 1 out of 2 ain’t bad

I’m not the only one who doesn’t think Mid-town Taqueria, the aforementioned taco joint recently risen out of the ashes of Sidewalk Pizza on 38th and Jay, is actually located in midtown, right? By most people’s reckoning midtown is bordered on the East by either biz 80 or Alhambra, and maybe even by 28th, putting Mid-town Taqueria and Sidewalk before it in East Sacramento. Anyway, it is definitely a taqueria so at least they got it half right.

It’s still very new; last night there were painters working during the dinner rush, adding a faux finish to one wall. This might be the reason that the place has looked completely packed since it opened, construction is blocking half of the interior seating. It is however a great location for outdoor dining, with a long sitting bar much like Taco Loco, only covered.

However, based on my first attempt it is not very good. My super burrito (Al Pastor, of course) had very little meat. Also I always forget how much I dislike sour cream on a burrito, it tends to take over the taste.

The chips are standard but pretty good, but the salsas are bland. The “primary” salsa (you know, the medium standard tomato-based salsa) was laughably bad. And there were only 2 other salsa options, both just OK, and a bland guacamole like La Fiesta’s.

However, as mentioned on a weekend round-up a few weeks ago at Sac Foodies, there is a large mariscos section of the menu including things like tilapia and sea bass, and that could make it a winner in the end — although anymore a seafood menu at a taco place is pretty mandatory. Maybe it just needs some time to get the mixture right. I’ll definitely be back…hold the sour cream.

And as you may have read elsewhere, it does indeed appear to be owned by the Sidewalk guy, I saw him there last night. I guess pizza is going out of style? Although if you read Sactown or Sac Mag last month you heard different…

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11 thoughts on “Mid-town Taqueria: 1 out of 2 ain’t bad”

  1. My observations:

    2 – Too much crema, not enough frijoles
    3 – When I visited, they had 5 salsas, but they were still not too exciting.
    4 – Is Tilapia Spanish for bottom feeding sucker fish?
    5 – I do not trust inexpensive seafood.


  2. Boo!

    I say bring back Sidewalk. Though not my favorite pizza in Sac (that one still goes to Original Pete’s), I can’t believe they substituted an established pizza joint with, yet ANOTHER, burrito place.

    Though I guess it could have been worse, they could have opened another sushi place- the 2000’s answer to the 1990’s coffee bar.

    Still, Sidewalk was a staple; I still can’t believe it’s gone.


  3. Tilapia is not a bottom-dwelling sucker fish, but it is one you can farm-raise in bathtubs, so it’s the new cheap fish du jour.

    I actually prefer it to (overfished) cod, but that’s me.


  4. I tried it on their 2nd day open. I love Mexican food. The service was fast and friendly and the prices were inexpensive. But the food wasn’t very good. They have the potential for great ambiance. But there was no music playing, you could see the cooks making the food. The people seemed a little confused. It just didn’t seem very appetizing. And I saw the Sidewalk Pizza Guy there too.


  5. Ok I might go. But just because it is walking distance from the house. I never liked the Pizza there anyways and one guy from Highschool that I hated used to work there..oh and I agree cheap fish is scary.


  6. Ok I went. Not bad. Not great but..but not bad. Maybe they should change the name to the Mid-le of the road Taqueria.


  7. I didn’t think the fish was cheap, did you? We’re talking $10-12 for the mariscos. I should try it again, I love the location so I’d love for it to be good. I’ll just hold the crema…


  8. Just drove by and noticed that they are apparently changing the name to “East Sac/Mid-town Taqueria”… I won’t take credit though, as the Yelpers were already all over it…


  9. Not to mention the place is open very late. I can only assume to meet the needs of the pub crawlers who can’t find their way to Del Taco.


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