iFeliz cumpleanos a ‘Comidas de Sac’!

Our very own sac-eats is 31 years old today — such a pup!

May the coming year bring him a new restaurant that features gourmet mayonnaise sandwiches; all-you-can-drink Pellegrino; and live music in the stylings of Django, Cannonball Adderly, JJ Johnson, and Bill Dendle/Eddie Erickson.  

*Note to any native speakers of the Spanish language, please forgive my loose translation of “sac-eats,” and please feel free to offer your own translation.

8 thoughts on “iFeliz cumpleanos a ‘Comidas de Sac’!”

  1. Basuraman: Actually, sac-eats stopped smoking about two years ago, so the lungs should be in much better shape now!


  2. RG- I am happy to hear. Although smoking did make him look so much cooler.. Happy birthday Greg.


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