The Pumpkin Farm

Reviewing pumpkin patches is a hard racket. Unless the pumpkins are visibly rotting or parking costs more than Arco, you’re pretty much dealing with a numbers game, balancing cost versus amenties until the cows come home. (If they actually have cows though, that’s a definite plus.)

The Pumpkin Farm is located in scenic Citrus Heights, California, otherwise known as that big area out there beyond the mall. But seriously, you find yourself “way out there” in what seems to be Kentucky before you know it.

Amenities-wise, Pumpkin Farm has the usuals — hay ride, farm animals, corn maze. It also has a haunted barn, which only the 4 year old in our party wanted to see. It does not have an actual train attraction, which some of your bigger patches have, and the hay ride is somewhat lacking, but it makes up for that in downhome family run charm and overall afforability. Free parking and free admission are big sellers in the pumpkin racket and surprisingly rare.

I think we’ll still be hungry for a bigger patch this weekend, like Bishops out in Wheatland, but Pumpkin Farm is a great low-key pumpkin patch if you’re looking to pick up a few juicy pumpkin-shaped gourds (that’s what we call ’em…)

Note: Pumpkin Farm has a website but my virus software is not liking their tracking cookie. Do not visit it.

The Pumpkin Farm
7736 Old Auburn Road
Antelope exit East, right on Sunrise, right on Old Auburn

Author: CoolDMZ

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2 thoughts on “The Pumpkin Farm”

  1. and don’t be fooled by the pumpkin costs. they are cheaper than they appear. we thought we were gonna walk paying over 20 dollars for 2 pumpkins based on their size/cost display. we ended up paying about 12 dollars. and my 3 year old loved the haunted bard…loved it…he’s still talking about it.


  2. My coworker went to Bishops and advises that anyone going there be sure to bring extra money. Apparently it is the Disneyland of local pumpkin patches, and has the prices to prove it. Good luck on that one.


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