DeFrancesco gets call up to the bigs

Tony DeFrancescoJust got the press release that Tony DeFrancesco, River Cats manager the last 5 seasons, will be reporting to Oaklandtown to be the new A’s third base coach. With 3 PCL titles and a Triple-A championship, it was a great run and he’ll be missed.

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10 thoughts on “DeFrancesco gets call up to the bigs”

  1. Now we just need the A’s plan for Fremont to fall through, so we can have them move to Sacramento. It would be nice to have another pro team. Besides, Sac is more of a baseball town.


  2. I know it’s the big league and all… but is a MLB 3rd base coach really a better job than a AAA Manager?


  3. Once the Kings move to calexpo Sacramento can build a baseball stadium at the old ARCO facility. You like? There is already a hole in the ground out there for one.


  4. Never said it was Nirvana. Just saying it would be worse. But I guess if the Maloofs are paying for it I really don’t care all too much. But I can’t imagine the folks in the surrounding area would be all too thrilled about it. But they might.


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