City wants you to photograph dumpers

Illegal dumpingThe Bee reported today that the city will start awarding $500 to citizens who send in photographic evidence of illegal garbage dumping. It is a severe problem in neighborhoods like Oak Park, and one hopes the city’s plan will work. The guilty parties will be fined $500.

For some reason that $500 correlation* is humorous to me. Theoretically, pairs of individuals could compete to capture the funniest “illegal dumping” photo, paying each fine with the corresponding reward. So basically you’re off scot-free! There could be categories, like: best dumping costume; funniest item being dumped; best “You caught me!” face; bonus points for composing a parody of a famous movie still; etc.

But seriously. I live on the border of Oak Park and Tahoe Park, and I know that illegal dumping is a major problem, and I’m glad the city is doing what they can to stop it. Is $500 enough of a fine though?

* That’s not the word I wanted… bonus points to whoever can find the exact word I was looking for in that context.

Author: CoolDMZ

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18 thoughts on “City wants you to photograph dumpers”

  1. As long as I can still find cinderblocks, milk crates and old lumber, I’ll always have bookshelves!

    That, and scheduled Heavy Trash Days are still fabulous for one-stop home redecorating. It’s like a street IKEA.


  2. The coverage by KOVR 13 was about sending pictures in to the new station, not the police for fines and rewards. i also believe the “reporter” was mike dello stritto. good ol’ R.E. Graswich on Thursday asked viewers to keep dumping your leaves in the gutter rather than the cans the city is trying to get people to employ. anyone living downtown knows how the leaves can blow away, get in the way of parking and whatnot, and clog the drains. Graswich’s only reason for not wanting the cans…tradition.


  3. Nah, we’re talking about filling up vacant lots with garbage, not garden waste. Look at the photo above, it comes from the City website …


  4. oh come on meg, he runs a blog and he’s a 20 year old radio intern…so he’s all hobbied up. although i am sad to see that you (matthew) have placed logos for cw31 and CBS13 on your site.


  5. We could just take lots of pictures on the legal dumping days and wait to send them in. I could be a millionaire! Or what about those people who leave stuff out for one day for a charity to pick up. Simply remove the sign!


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