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Two items of note:

Dad’s Deli, favorite sandwich shop of many midtowners and local office workers in the Richmond Grove area, will soon be opening a new branch of the quickly growing Dad’s empire on 5th and Freeport.  The new digs, called “Dad’s Kitchen” will be a breakfast/lunch/dinner spot serving beer and wine and hearty fare.  Zach, your favorite sandwich slinger at Dad’s, is very excited that he’s going to now have facilities to “roast his own meat.”  Apparently, Dad’s Kitchen will now be a feeder for Dad’s Deli, providing roasted meats, breads and other sundries.  Work has just started, an opening date has not yet been set.

A note to late night diners:  If you find yourself in the Handle District/Gourmet Gulch/Capitol Ave Corridor, and feel like a bite to eat after 10:30pm, and you happen to be hanging out with local blues legend Aaron King, don’t embarrass yourself by trying to get late night bites at Dragonfly or Paesano’s.  They’ll be closed.  Instead, go straight to Zocalo and feast on some yummy chips, habanero shrimp and flaky, warm, gooey empanadas.  Just a bit of advice from sac-eats.

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  1. Technically 5th and Freeport is Curtis Park. Richmond Grove is north of Broadway, between R and W Streets and roughly 12th and 19th.

    I have heard a couple of competing stories now: someone mentioned that this new Dad’s place will go in the building where Swanberg’s was (on 2nd and 21st) and others on 5th and Freeport. What’s the scoop?


  2. I was walking by Dragonfly last night and popped in for a quick bite. Inedible. Disgusting. Restrooms in serious need of repairs.

    I predict that this place will be folding rather soon.


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