2007 Festival of New American Music

Sac State hosts the 30th year of this annual event that brings free music and avant-garde composers to Sacramento with, unfortunately, very little fanfare. With such a dizzying array of musical styles, from orchestral and choral pieces to solo artists and small combos, I am surprised that I have not heard more promotions for this event.

For a calendar of performances, click here. My recommendation is to check out guitarist/composer/professor Derek Keller, who performs Wednesday at Noon. Keller’s most recent work has been a 2007 tour with Kronos Quartet, and he is currently an instructor at American River College and is the curator of the Music Series at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

One thought on “2007 Festival of New American Music”

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    American River College, named after the “American River,” only perpetuates the implication that the River had no name given by the original inhabitants of the area. We should rename ARC “Wampum Pow-Wow River College.”

    Only by tearing down the sins of the past, and more than making up for them in the present, will we realize true equality for all peoples.


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