Updates on Updates for the Hungry

Tuli Bistro– the restaurant that has been nothing but a promise for almost a year will finally open its doors on Tuesday, December 11. The new joint will be housed in a block of new buildings at the corner of 21st and S. If good things come to those who wait, then Tuli should be effing fantastic. Neighbors and interested parties have been waiting for Tuli to open for quite a while, so expectations are high. It would have been embarrassing had Tuli been beaten in the race to open by the philosophically indifferent…

Ju Hachi– at the former site of Taka’s (18th and S). Work progresses in a Zen-like fashion at the once and future sushi joint. (Or does it? That’s so Zen.) One of the simplest exercises in Zen is to dig a hole then fill it up. Maybe you get the same effect by opening a sushi restaurant then closing it down, then repeating. (Can you tell I’ve been watching “Life” on NBC?) Of course, what’s more Zen than burgers…

Suzie Burgers– Work progresses on the Haines brothers’ homage to 50’s drive-ins at 29th and P. Casual observers might notice that builders have kept the old service station feel alive in the building. That’s great and all, but can you just get that thing open already so we can start feasting on some magic Haines french fries? (Also, in case you missed it, the Haines bros have a name for their proposed Las Vegas style douche-a-torium. Their new ultra-lounge will be called “Tre.” God protect us.)

Flaming Grill– (as originally reported here) the new quick-bite pit-stop on El Camino is open for business and already acquiring a loyal following. Last Saturday, a rather crazy gentleman juggled fire balls and twirled flaming batons for the customer’s enjoyment. So stop on by for dinner and a show. Burgers are average, but the ahi sandwich is fantastic.

Oh and one more thing:  STICKIE!  That new place in Folsom is opening with the two dozen taps and over 100 beers in the bottle!  It’s called Manderes!  It’s on East Bidwell!  We need to be there right now!  Call me.

11 thoughts on “Updates on Updates for the Hungry”

  1. Tuli Bistro opened 2 nights ago. I drove by and there was a big “now open” sign – this was Saturday night – and several people eating inside.


  2. yep, must have just been getting the kinks out. i’m looking forward to that place, it’s right between my nightly swim class (at city college) and home!


  3. I went by last night and they stated that Saturday and Monday were dry runs with friends and family. Sunday was a private Christmas party. So that means that tonight is the night.


  4. Well, they must have a big family! When I drove by last night at 7 pm, it was COMPLETELY packed, with the outdoor area full and people standing & waiting to get in. It was too cold to wait, so I think I’ll come back in a week or so.


  5. Thanks for the update on Suzie Burgers. I was wondering what the deal was with this place. Never heard of the Tuli Bistro until The Sac Rag mentioned it. I might have to check it out tonight. Best local blog ever.

    TD: You can see the slogan on a PC and a Mac. Just figured I’d add that useless comment to the dialogue.


  6. oh really? i thought that title bar was only visible on a mac.

    so… what do you think of the slogan then? kinda catchy, eh?


  7. Josh, according to Myspace, they have over a hundred friends, so maybe that contributes to the dinner rush.


  8. Manderes. I will drink there, even though I have no idea how to pronounce it. Is it like Mandingo’s? Or does it sound like it is being spoken by Antonio Banderas? MAN-der-esths


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