Let’s, like, totally go get some fro-yo after I tighten my scrunchie

Who knew that frozen yogurt would make such a comeback?  Fro-yo was such a huge part of the ’80s and early ’90s — so much that my college roommate and I had the Yogurt Park “flavor hotline” on speed dial. 

While we don’t see many Penguin or Honey Treat yogurt joints around these days, there are two spots in Sac that put a modern spin on the frozen concoction of yore:

Big Spoon

You have to know about Big Spoon already.  What else do you need to know other than, “serve yourself, pile on whatever toppings you want, and pay by the ounce”? 

They don’t price gouge you like the DIY candy places at the movie theater or at the mall.  For what it would cost you to get a small mix of Haribo gummi peaches, Swedish Fish (mostly red ones, por favor), and Sour Patch Kids (OK, total Pavlov salivary effect just typing those words) from one of the aforementioned rip-off operations, you and your companion can enjoy your own kustomized kreation at Big Spoon plus still have some cash leftover for your morning coffee run.

I’ve had to stop going to Big Spoon, as regularly enjoying frozen yogurt with hot fudge and a pile of candy corn, while a tasty treat, turns RunnerGirl into GotstaRunEvenMoreBecauseThere’sALotMoreofMeNowGirl.  

In addition to their East Sac and Rocklin locations, you can get your Big Spoon on at Market Square @ Arden Fair in the space formerly occupied by Ben y Jerry’s.


This is the closest thing you’ll find to LA’s Pinkberry north of the San Fernando Valley.  Containing live active yogurt cultures, it has a tangy flavor and less creamy texture than regular frozen yogurt.  Toppings include fresh fruit, cereal, and different flavors of mochi.  RunnerGirl recommends ordering the original “zang” flavor with cherry mochi topping. 

I love the vibe at Mocchi too, as they’re usually cranking some fun tunes, and they have an assortment of magazines to peruse while noshing on their frozen goodness. 

Mocchi is on 16th St near P, and it’s in the location where there used to be the local coffee place where they’d bring your coffee to the curb, across from Nishiki.

8 thoughts on “Let’s, like, totally go get some fro-yo after I tighten my scrunchie”

  1. I have noticed that, as well as the return of gelato, another thing we used to have a lot of in the eighties. Perhaps there’s some Eighties-retro connection with the return of cocaine to social-drug vogue?


  2. So long as people don’t start decorating with Nagel prints, teal leather sofas, and black lacquer tables again


  3. Big Spoon also in Natomas!

    Three of us went to Mocchi on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The “tang” with coconut and pecans was great! The girl behind the counter, not so much. She kept sighing the whole time we ordered…and we were the only ones in line. Gosh, Babe. Sorry you have to work a Saturday gig.


  4. Cool! Thanks for the tip for what looks to be a fun website — the link actually works if you don’t put the “www” in front of it.


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