Celebrity Freakout!

And you thought LA had all of the fun? No, folks, Sacramento is home to our own Maury-worthy celebrity tantrums.

According to witnesses at Mason’s, local b-lister Ola Ray had a rough time the other night. For those of you who are unfamiliar with her, Ola Ray is most well known as “the girl in the Thriller video”, which just celebrated its 25th anniversary. She was also Playboy’s PotM in June, 1980.

Ola Ray and her companion were entering the restaurant when a fan recognized her and asked for a photo. Ola posed for a picture. Then, for unknown reasons, Ola went ballistic on the photographer, screaming the b-list celebrity catch phrase “Don’t you know who I am!?!?!”

When the police arrived, things reportedly got even worse. One officer attempted an arrest on Ola and received a punch square in the face. Her companion reportedly assaulted another officer and was taken down while attempting to pull the officer’s firearm from his holster.

Good to know that Mason’s/The Park continues to be Sacramento’s celebrity central.

5 thoughts on “Celebrity Freakout!”

  1. That totally happened to me at Mason’s/The Park when someone recognized me as a Camellia Princess from 1990.


  2. Maybe the photographer looked like John Landis and she had flashback to the torturous filming schedule for the video.

    So, was she arrested? No mugshots on TMZ?


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