Humbug Willow Creek

The most fun thing about Humbug Willow Creek just might be that you can tell people it is “out by the soy sauce factory,” because that just sounds so absurd. But there is indeed a Kikkoman soy sauce factory, out in Folsom near Sutter Street. And next to this salty & aromatic spot of industry you’ll find the Humbug Willow Creek Parkway. (Coincidentally it is also adjacent to a Sake tasting room (I am not making this up) which begs the question of whether there are nice yellowtail in that creek, and some wasabi plants.)

The park consists of a nice paved bike trail that winds along a marshy area, with nice resting benches and a bevy of wildlife. The area near the soy sauce factory boasts several walking bridges suspended over the creek. The only thing wrong with this trail is that it is very close to the road, including several spots with nothing between the path and the road. However, the winding nature of the path makes it so this is only an issue for a few yards here and there. The abandoned railroads are a nice touch; halfway through our walk we switched to train walking. (Walking along train tracks awakens something in the American soul, doesn’t it? Something of a shared hobo heritage, or shall we say hoboritage.)

I can only imagine that running or biking on this trail would be a great experience. We approached the walking path from the parking lot of the MAXIMUS corporation, off Glenn Drive and Folsom Blvd, and I couldn’t necessarily find a better starting point for the parkway but you might try Parkshore Blvd.

Here is my map of the area.

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10 thoughts on “Humbug Willow Creek”

  1. Can’t help but notice the poximity to Lakeside Cemetary. Could it be that soy sauce is… PEOPLE!?!


  2. I must object to the words “paved” and “trail” in reference to the same object. Let’s call it a paved “pathway” instead, and I’ll gladly bring anyone along for some actual running trails.


  3. I run on trails too, so. I run on trails made of hot lava, so I guess it affects me a little more, so…


  4. Half the time, I live 8/10 of a mile from there, to take care of my 81 year old mother, here in Alzheimer’s Country (aka Diamond Glen Active Senior Community) off Glenn Drive on Sibley. (You Folsom cult members know where that is.) Actually it’s a pretty cool little trail, ummm I mean paved walkway. Yesterday I was walking down there to pick up my Sukuki Sidekick from the light rail lot, after getting it out of a hostage situation from Sam’s Towing. While I was walking along the street, before catching the “trail” part, I saw a huge white heron take flight, look down with interest at me (“Who’s the chunky middle-aged blonde chick?”) and scale about three huge bushes before settling down into Willow Creek to feed for fishies and bugs.

    Don’t get much of that kind of nature action in Tahoe Park (where I live the other half of my life.)


  5. Laguna Creek (Elk Grove) runs right behind my apartment complex and happens to have a paved bike trail section on my block and on the block downstream. It’s an amazing area for nature walking, particularly in the early morning hours. You’re pretty much guaranteed an egret (as in the “white heron” above— they are pretty much the same species anyway) and lots of little birds, but you’ve also got a good chance of turtles, ducks, hawks, and even the occasional beaver, crayfish, or snake.

    One time I even saw a night heron catch a trout. The creek at this point was about six feet wide and a foot or so deep, and the fish was as long as the bird.


  6. I’ve ridden my bicycle on the paths from Harrington (it starts between E Bidwell and Creekside Dr) down to where it comes out at Folsom Blvd and Blue Ravine. It’s a really nice ride, with many shade trees, and the meandering creek always nearby.

    I’m looking forward to exploring more of the paths around Folsom.


  7. Can anyone tell me how many acres this humbug willow creek parkway is?? Id really appreciate it if you could get back to me!


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