Grant vs Folsom on ESPN tonight!

Reminder that ESPN RISE will feature Grant High vs. Folsom High tonight at 7pm on ESPN 2.

The RISE site has a nice feature on Viliami Moala, Grant’s 340-lb lineman.

The big question is whether you’ll be listening to the coverage with Slammin’ Sammy on “Panther Radio” or getting En Fuego on 1040 a.m.

New Movie Theater Opens with Red Carpet Flare

The Crest, which its grand architectural detail.
The Crest, which its grand architectural detail.
Palladio 16 in Folsom.
Palladio 16 in Folsom.

Last night marked the grand ribbon cutting and opening of the new Palladio 16 Cinemas in Folsom. The event offered much pomp and circumstance, complete with a limo loop to drive attendees from parking lot to red “carpet” (which is actually a sparkly, red, stone addition to the actual sidewalk).

The theater seats are spacious and cozy—they even recline. The digital picture quality was sharp and pristine. The entire place still smells of plastic and new—except for the entrance, which obviously smelled of freshly popping, buttery corn.

Overall, it’s certainly a quality viewing experience. Yet, for the $19 price tag you’ll pay to experience it, you won’t find any of the exquisite character of The Crest with its grand architecture and artistic detail. Aside from the fancy red sidewalk, it’s just a basic, dark, nondescript theater. You won’t be hearing the classic Annie song “Let’s go to the Movies” with images of Broadway tap dancers floating through your head. It’s just another movie theater with an ultra-high ticket price.

Where’s the Dope?

Ah, there it is...
Ah, there it is...
From the Sacramento Bee’s Crime Blog we learn that a CHP pilot spots marijuana garden in Folsom.

Authorities seized 96 marijuana plants worth more than $76,000 after a California Highway Patrol helicopter pilot spotted them growing along a popular bicycle and walking trail in Folsom. In a Thursday news release, Folsom police said the plants were found along the trail in the Sibley Street and Glenn Drive area. (See photo below supplied by the Folsom Police Department.)

Thanks, Folsom Police Department. I see it now!

If you ice it, will they come?

At the risk of being out of touch with the what’s *really* happening in Sacramento, I mention this article about a new outdoor ice skating rink scheduled to open Friday in Folsom. The details can be found at

This article makes me wonder, however, if it is a smart idea to spend money on “extras” like this in an effort to boost local business.

    A report from Folsom city staff puts the total cost of operating the rink for two months during the holidays at $248,000 – $68,000 more than it is predicted to bring in.

I get that the intent with this project is encourage folks to shop and eat locally, but could the $248,000 be better spent helping local businesses lower their prices? Decrease their lease payments? Or is just full steam ahead and let’s see what happens?

Especially with the news that so many of the region’s cities are scrambling to save money and cut corners.

    In an effort to control costs, Folsom has a freeze on hiring and discretionary spending, Miller said. But even that won’t be enough to close the budget shortfall, which could be as much as $5 million for the current year if the city were to do nothing.

Your thoughts?

Humbug Willow Creek

The most fun thing about Humbug Willow Creek just might be that you can tell people it is “out by the soy sauce factory,” because that just sounds so absurd. But there is indeed a Kikkoman soy sauce factory, out in Folsom near Sutter Street. And next to this salty & aromatic spot of industry you’ll find the Humbug Willow Creek Parkway. (Coincidentally it is also adjacent to a Sake tasting room (I am not making this up) which begs the question of whether there are nice yellowtail in that creek, and some wasabi plants.)

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Thursdays at Ruby Tuesday’s

When you take the time to write about food as incessantly as I do, you find yourself in the weighty role of dining adviser to friends and family.  Whether for a small bite with an old friend or a recommendation on where to take the clients from out of town, my opinion is sought.  I’m not trying to say that I’m the cool like Shatner, I’m just saying that with the “sac-eats” moniker comes responsibility.  Most of the time I’m happy to help those I know find the best dining experience within their parameters (i.e.  close to Music Circus and in and out within 30 minutes, or Thai food in W. Sac, or “I’m in the mood for Viking food and I’m stuck in traffic in Placerville.  What do you suggest?”).  However, every now and then someone takes my advice and has a thoroughly rotten time.  I wind up feeling like an asshole for recommending places that don’t live up to the hype and feel guilty about it for days. 

So, this was my mood the other day after recommending “Cervantes“ to my sister and her friends.  The food was bad, the service weak and the drinks lousy.  I felt extremely bad about the whole thing, so I offered to take said sister to the new Ruby Tuesday’s in Folsom.

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