What, me feel responsible?

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Parents down in Elk Grove must be so relieved that nothing tragic happened this week when a fourth-grader brought a loaded gun to Charles Mack Elementary School. Some parents in particular, like the parents of Devon and Donovan Smith (pictured at right) who apparently “held bullets” for the kid with the gun.

“They were wrong for not telling anybody” the boys’ mother, Tabatha Weitnauer, says, before going ahead and bringing up that the boys have been diagnosed with ADHD. Perhaps they were also wrong for carrying ammunition to their elementary school. Not to be outdone, the father of the boy who brought the gun released a zinger of a written statement…

My son never had any ill intentions, but instead, he was pressured to bring the gun to school due to verbal and physical threats that were made to him by the other student(s). My son made a bad judgment call because of all the pressure he was threatened with. Unfortunately, we cannot undo what has been done.

Threatening people with a firearm is not an ill intention in this creep’s mind? How far do things have to go before this guy will call your intentions ill. Do you actually have to acquire a nuclear device?

And what the hell is wrong with this guy that he thinks a 4th grader should be in a position to make a “judgement call” about carrying a concealed weapon to school? That sure is a toughie, Danny Thung. Enjoy jail.

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  1. Furthurmore, how much pressure does a fourth grader feel? Does he have to go get a “real world” job? Does he have mouths to feed, diapers to change, alimony to pay?

    Or is he upset because there’s more blue Legos in the box than yellow? Wow, such pressure…


  2. Sounds like CoolDMZ is calling for preemptive strikes against not just the industrial base, but the civilian population as well!


  3. I live in Elk Grove, here about 4 years. I know the Boundaries say it’s Elk Grove but the address list it as Sacramento. I live south of Laguna, I think of Elk grove as south of this street because when you hit Sheldon the address is Sac. I know this is Trival it’s just that I don’t identify with that group of people.

    This is just another incident in why we are moving to Folsom. South Sac’s violent mentality is slowly leaking it’s way towards home.

    I love that the dad passed the buck on to the kids and any pressure they felt. WTG dad!


  4. I am offended that the Dad offered ADHD as an excuse for criminal behavior. My son is 10 and has ADHD and Asperger’s. It minimalizes the condition when it is used as a scapegoat for bad parenting.


  5. RM: Obviously you know very little about the lives of fourth graders in this Elk Grove cum South Sac area. Pressures like drugs, gangs, low socio-economic status, horrible family life, and much worse. I am in no means defending the behaviors or actions of these students, and in a perfect world, he could have “told the teacher” about what was going on, or his counselor, or someone. However, in some places, these role models and advocates do not exist, and kids decide to “do what they can” to protect themselves.

    Michele: Good luck with that move to Folsom. This is where I grew up, instead of pot and gangs we had RX parties and coke and of course my 8th grade year a kid was expelled for…you guessed it, bringing a gun to school! Thankfully, I was able to avoid that environment, but there is “trouble” in every city. I guess it just varies in degrees. As far as violence in folsom goes… http://www.sacbee.com/folsom/story/590485.html


  6. At least the kids can’t blame their behavior on the name of the local park making them feel “excluded” or “inferior” or that thier “cultural history” doesn’t matter.


  7. Radio Matthew, as for a 4th grader’s only pressure revolving around Lego color selection, I second the comments of CSI, that life as a 4th grader in South Sac isn’t Nirvana. I live in the fringes of Tahoe Park, (13th Ave., off Stockton Blvd)spitting distance to Oak Park. Many of the really young kids (ages 8-12) I see here in South Sac are often gangster-wanna bes if they have not already been swept into the gang culture. What the kid did was wrong, and his father’s comments were even more wrong… but not entirely surprising, given the culture of the geographic area in which he lives.

    And I worked for the Folsom Cordova USD for five years, and my mother lives in Folsom… while many of us refer to the area as “Stepford” it has its share of violence and mayhem, just not to the scale of Meadowview.


  8. I attended a Catholic grade school in a middle class suburb in a different part of the state. There weren’t any gangs or drugs. I don’t know anything about the inner city gang culture… or why people would chose to have children, then not take care of them.


  9. I would like to take it from another angle in regards to the bullying. If true, it shows that bullying played a part in pressuring his son (although wrong) to bring the gun to school. This tells me that the school needs to take a tougher stand and push more awareness in regards to bullying. There are many other “prevent bullying” programs used at other schools that might be considered for this school as well.


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