It’s that time of the year again..

..when the fair weather parkway users dust off their bikes and baby joggers to hit our region’s treasures out in nature.

The American River Parkway is the most popular place in the area for all ages and fitness levels to get the blood pumping. If you’re unfamiliar with the rules and customs, please check out Tony Bizjak’s column today.

Here are the basics:

– If you’re on foot, stay on the left shoulder on the decomposed granite. There is no reason for you to be on the paved part, and the shoulder is wide enough. If you have enough time, drive up to the real trails in Granite Bay, Auburn, Cool, Foresthill, or a multitude of other places, and the only other traffic you’ll have are horses and the occasional mountain biker. It’s a much more enjoyable and challenging experience.

– If you’re on a bike, this is not the Tour De France. If you’re that serious about your racing, you should be out on Auburn Folsom Road or one of the other long thoroughfares in the foothills.

– If you’re with your family on foot, keep a hold on your kids and keep them on the shoulder. Some of the more aggressive bike riders will cuss out your kids.

– If you’re having problems with your bike or your child’s bike (or if you need to stop for any reason at all), move to the shoulder as quickly as possible. Do not stop in the middle of the path, and get all the way off of the asphalt.

– If you’re a faster bicyclist, get your riding done early in the day before all of the families come out.

– If you do head out to real trails, travel in packs and don’t get separated from your group. Carry more supplies and clothing than you think you might need. They just found this guy alive about an hour ago, but dozens of people have been looking for him since yesterday afternoon.

– If you’re venturing out with someone new to the bike path or trails, take a minute to get him or her acquainted with the rules and norms.

Most importantly, please be patient with each other. You once were a newbie on the trail, too, so give people the benefit of the doubt.


4 thoughts on “It’s that time of the year again..”

  1. Please add one more!
    If you’re on the horse trail (in between the bike path and the river from Howe to Arden), running is OK, but bikes are clearly marked as prohibited.
    Please bikers, stay off the horse path.


  2. And please clean up after your horse. I don’t let my kids’ scat remain on the playground, so you horsey people could do the same please?


  3. Why should they?
    If the great outdoors is good enough for “the homeless,” it’s good enough for all. Besides- we are boycotting Sacramento County Water service until they divest from China, South Africa, Israel, and Mexico, and until they recognize their mistake on my bill from June 2004. Saves on monthly fees, helps the environment, and teaches kids the importance of standing on principle.
    Collect rainwater from the gutters. Recycle liquid waste. Bring home water from school in plastic bags. It’s good for the pocketbook, AND the environment!


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