Bring on the Big Brains

An intellectual battle of epic proportions will be held Sunday, April 27 at 9pm. A team of ‘Rag writers will take on a team of Bee writers for the title of “Biggest Smarty Pants” at the weekly pub quiz at Streets of London.

Should you wish to witness the epic battle, or pit your own wits against these two towering intellectual juggernauts, or just wish RunnerGirl a happy birthday, drop on by the J Street location of Streets. We’ll be the team with overly frosted grocery store cake on our table.

20 thoughts on “Bring on the Big Brains”

  1. Well they definitely have people who know their music, movie, and theater lore. Is their weakness soccer trivia?


  2. I’ll have to remember to bring RG some “special” birthday prize. Put your requests in now. For a small honorarium I can make all the questions about the Brooks corporation, running etiquette, or local eateries.
    Love, The Quizmaster.

    By the way, if you want a table get there at about five as it will probably be uncomfortably packed.


  3. How about journalism questions? That might be a good contest… Like, who were Murrow’s Boys?

    Why was Eric Severeid investigated by the FBI?

    What was 2005 a bad year for Mitch Albom?

    Who said “Journalism is the publication of facts that somebody wants suppressed. Everything else is public relations.”

    Who was “the most trusted man in America” for 19 years, until he retired in 1981?

    I mean, most people can’t graduate from J-school without knowing all of these, right? That’s just kindergarten stuff. You guys can come up with something better.


  4. I would not want to miss this! I might, but I sure wouldn’t want to.

    The 27th is our family’s #. Both kids born on the 27th, grandparents, parents, and sons wedding’s held on the 27th, grandfathers bday on the 27th. Happy Birthday RG!


  5. Please ask many questions about beer and The Simpsons, thanks.

    I’ll be wearing my Cake T-shirt and eating Cake. Please do not think that members of any local bands will be harmed in this process.


  6. Does this have to be a competition?????

    OK, OK…

    1st place overall – The SacRag (score of 30)
    2nd place overall – The SacBee (score of 27)

    And the other 25 teams or so, not as well as the big brains on these two teams.


  7. Woo-hoo! In your face, SacBee! We’re number one! Can we go out and riot in the streets now?


  8. You are correct RG:

    SacRag = 30 (1st-30 bucks)
    Sacbee = 29 (2nd-20 bucks)
    DrinkTank=27 (Porn)

    I think it was close enough that there should be a rematch 😉


  9. Hmmm…maybe there should be a trophy. How about challenging other local media outlets. Kick some KXJZ butt? Bring on some KCRA peeps?



  10. 3rd got my team Screamin’ for Semen a few weeks back. We were one correct answer away from getting Camel Toe Perversion too. Damn.


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