Nail in the coffin for KJ?

The Bee reports this morning that Kevin Johnson’s personal attorney conducted an internal investigation of the allegations brought against KJ by a Sac High student last spring, before notifying law enforcement or CPS. As a result the student recanted before the Sac PD conducted their investigation. According to Sgt. Matt Young, the Sac PD’s investigation was wrapped up in 8 days.

Maybe commenter Jean was right and this was the new angle the Bee was researching. It is unclear to me yet whether the sequence of events did not proceed according to legal SOP in this realm. The lawyer, Kevin Hiestand, claims he did tell the teacher, Erik Jones, to file reports with the police and CPS. Jones claims Hiestand told him the school would investigate first. The girl and her family still claim the story was made up. On the other hand we still have the decade old transcript of the confrontation call. All anybody can really do at this point is assume that the creepy guy in that 1996 phone call was guilty of crossing the same boundaries in 2007.

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8 thoughts on “Nail in the coffin for KJ?”

  1. I stil think that Sacramento is ready for a sexier mayor! And with history as a guide (B.Clinton, Ah-nold, Newsome, etc.), a few groping accusations against a politician don’t really hurt in the long run: As long as they aren’t groping the money, no one seems to care one bit. Other than Gary Hart (1984?), I can’t think of a single politician who was really hurt over groping allegations.
    Granted, these are UNDERAGE groping allegations, but the same didn’t seem to hurt Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, Paula Abdul, or Michael Jackson.


  2. How about Jack Ryan, who lost a Senate race in Illinois for groping his own wife and/or asking her to be groped by others. A certain charismatic Democrat owes a lot to that scandal…


  3. 1) I’d say the groping hurt B.Clinton, albeit not as much as the perjury and iffy pardons.
    2) A question for those more knowledgeable about the mandated reporter laws. Didn’t that teacher have an obligation to report to CPS regardless of advice from a suspected molester’s personal attorney? It seems a bit strange that his first contact was KJ’s lawyer, not law enforcement, if his motive really was protection of a child.
    3) This question doesn’t take away from my opinion that he was totally guilty in the Az. situation and given the propensity could have been guilty again.


  4. In his favor, I saw KJ at a fundraiser last night and he did not grope me. And I was looking F-I-N-E.


  5. re: HeyMeg’s question #2 above: The teacher first contacted his superiors at the school, who contacted the lawyer (not just KJ’s personal lawyer & close friend, but also the lawyer for St Hope). According to the teacher, he was told to wait until the internal investigation was over. He did contact the police (on his own, rather than waiting for the internal investigation to finish), but not immediately. I get the impression he regrets not contacting the police or CPS earlier – he did ask if he was supposed to contact those entities, and his story & the lawyer’s differ on what response he was given.


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