Rubicon Loves Women!

Today, Rubicon Brewing shows their love for the ladies by featuring 11 beers brewed by women to raise funds for WEAVE. If you did not know, women brewers in the industry are rare, but are increasing in both numbers and prominence (just take a look at the trophy case for Denise Jones, head brewer at Moylan’s in Novato). Come show your support by lifting a glass (or 11 small samples), purchasing raffle tickets for great prizes or picking up a limited edition Women in Brewing T-shirt which is available in any color as long as it is black.

One thought on “Rubicon Loves Women!”

  1. The beer is generally good, but I’m not sure about the names they came up with. “Blonde hair-in-it Ale” and “Honey don’t-you-honey-me Summer Bock” just don’t hit the spot. The “Wife Beater Lager” sounds interesting though, and merits TWO raffle tix.


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