Attention blog junkies

A new Sac blog aggregator has hit the market:, “All the blogs fit to wrap”…

Our mission is to elevate the visibility of bloggers in our region by providing a portal where visitors can dive into the blogosphere by either searching for topics of interest or browsing our pre-set categories.

It is handy for discovering new blogs, but unfortunately you cannot subscribe in the handy RSS format. So it loses points on that against IpsoSacto, but it does have a much more limited scope (probably something that will change as it gets off the ground) which actually makes it easier. IpsoSacto can really overload your feed reader because you get blogs that are by Sacramento people that are not necessarily local-only. Also it doesn’t hurt their review that Ours Truly (can I say that?) is all over the Top Ten Blog Posts 🙂 is a product of Prosper Mag Creative Media. I understood Prosper Mag even less than I understand Sac Mag. Was Prosper Comstock’s crossed with SacTown? Or am I missing something? (I usually am.)

Update: Apparently Prosper has ceased circulation, which sure doesn’t help with my understanding of its market approach 🙂

Author: CoolDMZ

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