San Diego “your classmates are dead” hoax

California is a very large state. I’m not an expert but I think it’s like, one of the biggest states. 🙂 You would think the smart folks at Boing Boing and the London Telegraph would know that. Instead, Boing Boing, referencing a hoax by law enforcement at “El Camino High School in California,” linked to this story from the Telegraph. This made me waste a whole 4 minutes of my lunch hour tracking down the original story, which comes out of Oceanside, CA and not San Juan Unified.

This is the second time I have called out Boing Boing, the venerable interweb-meme-link-zeitgeist site, for their odd choice of sources. Come on, people. In this case, they cite a referring blog who was using the London Telegraph as their source for a story about a school in California.

Students at Sacramento’s El Camino did really dodge one by not being the victims of this hoax, by the way. I’d like to give a Norcal-to-Socal RIGHT AWN to the students who reacted to the hoax with handmade posters declaring “Death is real. Don’t play with our emotions.” Right AWN kids.

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3 thoughts on “San Diego “your classmates are dead” hoax”

  1. Fire the teachers, fire the guidance counselors, revoke their credentials.

    I guess kids are going to learn that cops, by their very nature, are liars; might as well be now.


  2. KTXL had this posted on their website last week. You could have tracked it through there instead of spending so long on the Interwebs ;P


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