Someone Stole My Dream

Yes, you read that correctly. Two gentlemen from the East Coast have stolen my dream of having the world’s most popular banjo duo. They’ve even sunk as low as using my favorite topics to craft witty, erudite songs from, such as the Hindenburg and William Howard Taft. This was no spoken dream about which I told everyone I ran into and they happened to overhear. No, their devilry is much more sinister. This is a subconscious dream, an unspoken dream, a dream that I didn’t even know I had. Basically, as soon as I heard their music, I knew that it was my music, being sung by others.

Who are these no-goodnick ne’er-do-wells you ask? They are none other than the Two Man Gentleman Band, and they will be right here in our neck of the woods tonight, in Davis. I suggest you all come down and help me give them a piece of mind, or crumple at the feet of their brilliance.

Two Man Gentleman Band-TONIGHT, Sophia’s Davis
10PM- Cover is only $5 (Kazoos not included)
Bitchin’ music video below the fold

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