Dawes @ Odd Fellows Hall, Davis Feb. 1

C'mon guys, it can't be that bad.

There’s a fair amount of buzz around LA’s Dawes, a mellow country rock band appearing Tuesday at Odd Fellows Hall in Davis. After the band was recommended to me a few weeks ago by a coworker who discovered them at a live show, I have had their new album, “North Hills,” in steady rotation and it has endeared itself to me very much. It’s not the straight ahead country or the jangly country-psych I usually go for (if that makes any sense). It’s an earnest and seriously beautiful album, and the word on the street is they put on a great show.

The album, North Hills, is available in the MP3 format on Amazon for $5. Take a listen to “When My Time Comes” and you’ll be sold.

Dawes, Jonny Corndawg, Shannon Harney & Friends
Tues., Feb 1, 8:00 PM
Odd Fellows Hall, all ages
Tickets: $10 on TicketLeap or $12 at the door

SF Mime Troupe this weekend

September brings us the annual visit from political provocateurs, the San Francisco Mime Troupe. Their shows are always poignant, professional, hilarious and free.

This year’s production is an original musical titled Posibilidad, or Death of the Worker. As a factory shuts down and robs the workers of their pay and pension to fulfill promised dividends, a pregnant worker accidentally instigates a strike. Bring a picnic, lowback chairs and a few bucks for when they pass the hat.
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Sudwerk introduces Signature series

Cheers to 20 great years of Sudwerk
As part of their 20th anniversary of brewing award winning lagers, Sudwerk is introducing the S-series of limited release beers. Their first release will be a Dunkel Weiss Bock, which is also their first high octane beer topping out at 8% abv. Sudwerk is describing it as smooth and well-balanced, with the yeast and wheat character of a Hefeweizen, the malty richness of a Dunkel, and the strength of a Bock. Since Sudwerk is one of the best damn producers of German-style beer this side of Munich, I am eagerly waiting to try this out. Release is extremely limited, so don’t dilly dally on this if you want to try it. This beer will be like hossenfeffer; hare today and gone tomorrow.

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God hates everybody, especially YOU

Westboro Baptist Church - intelligent and fierce!
Guess who’s coming to town? That’s right, the Westboro Baptist Church, an internationally recognized hate group that has been banned by the United Kingdom, will be coming to Sacramento to remind us that we are all sinners doomed to hell. Why? We are all Satan worshipers for following religions such as Judaism, Catholicism or Islam, and America is being punished by God because we embrace homosexuality. They have appeared at the funerals of American soldiers, college students, Michael Jackson, Mr. Rogers, and Jerry Falwell, informing their families, loved ones and the world that the deceased was currently burning in hell for all eternity, and you are next, Satanist!

This Friday they are coming for you.

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SF Mime Troupe in town this weekend

Michael Gene Sullivan performs a song from Too Big to Fail
Michael Gene Sullivan performs a song from Too Big to Fail
The fantastically awesome San Francisco Mime Troupe will have their annual free Sacramento area performances this weekend. For those who are unfamiliar, these are not the creepy non-speaking Marcel Marceau-type mimes with the white painted faces, trapped in a box, walking against the wind, pulling the invisible rope… you know, the ones you want to whack with an olive loaf. No, these are revolutionary mimes that perform physical comedy and feats of agility, talk and sing, and educate their audiences about complicated political realities that affect us all.

This year, which is the 50th anniversary of the SFMT, they have written a wacky comedy about the economic crisis. Titled Too Big To Fail, the show concerns a goat herder and his struggles to build his small business enough to support his family, make his village proud and keep a home for his favorite goat named Bamusa. As he becomes a goat kingpin, he encounters bankers, lenders, mortgage brokers, Wall Street tycoons and ponzi-scheming scalawags. The story is presented in the style of the West African Griots, who have an famed oral storytelling tradition and are known for their talented traveling bards.
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Konditorei: Pastry Perfection

pathumwan-res-tlobby2Even if Albert and Gloria Kutternig didn’t make some of the most decadent morsels this side of Vienna, their story would still be worth telling.  You see – Albert is a world-class pastry chef trained in the finest kitchens in Austria; his wife, Gloria, is a globetrotting ballerina originally from the Philippines.  The pair met in Venezuela, traveled the world, got hitched in Austria, and wound up settling down in the quiet college town of Davis, California.  If this were a human interest piece, there would be more than enough interest to go around.  But alas, this is a culinary article, and this amazing pair isn’t being covered for the sweetness of their tale, but rather the sweetness of their pastries.

Konditorei Austrian Pastry Cafe in Davis creates treats in the Austrian tradition, which is quite different from the American tradition.  Gone are the syrupy sweet confections, buttercream frostings, corn syrup, and dense cakes that we come to expect from the neighborhood bakery.  Instead, these continental delicacies are crafted from light – almost ethereal – creams, sugars, fillings, sauces, and sweet cheeses.
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Pamela Wu moving on

P Wu Just received this email from KCRA anchor Pamela Wu:

After 14 years in the TV news biz, I am excited to make a career change.

I will be working for Kevin Johnson!

No, not Sacramento’s mayor…

Kevin Johnson is Dean of the UC Davis School of Law, where I will become the Director of Marketing and Communications starting on Monday, February 23. My duties will include raising the profile of the law school in the local and national press, as well as marketing the school to prospective students, faculty, and donors. If you’re a reporter in need of a legal expert to quote for a story, I’m your gal.

I will miss television journalism and my amazing colleagues at KCRA-3, but I won’t miss working crazy hours and on holidays, and I definitely won’t miss doing the snow reports from Blue Canyon!

U hadn’t heard this news yet. P. Wu has always been a fan of this here web log and we’ve always been a fan of hers. We wish her luck in her new career!