The Crepe Escape

Far be it for me to encroach on any of the well-established territory of our raven-haired beauty, Sac-Eats, but Mrs. Game Guy and I had the opportunity to try the newly-opened “Crepe Escape” on H Street last night.

If I could sum up our eating experience in one word, it would be “derivative.” I am a big fan of Crepeville for it’s affordable prices and satisfying (though not mind blowing) cuisine; and The Crepe Escape manages to mirror the Crepeville mold to a tee: the familiar chalkboard menu offers virtually identical dishes of Americanized crepe recipes.  No, these are not authentic Frency thin pancakes, but if French cuisine is what you’re looking for, I’d recommend the very satisfying Cafe Rolle down the road.

The decor is strikingly similar to the Curis Park and Midtown creperies, and a nice outdoor patio offers some breezy sitting with majestic views of Cookies’ Drive-In and the H Street train bridge.  It’s not picturesque, but outdoor seating in Sacto is always preferred.

Like Crepeville, the food is satisfying, not spectacular, and I find it interesting that none of their dessert crepes have chocolate in them, but the much more Euro-centric Nutella.  Why the menu doesn’t offer a chocolate sauce is beyond me- its enough reason to hike down to Midtown for Crepeville’s better dessert offerings.

The most humorous thing of our eating experience last night was when Mrs. Game asked whether this was under the same ownership as Crepeville, to which our order-taker (not server, this is Crepeville’s counter-service after all) replied “no, we just have the same chalkboard artist.”  Really? Does he ALSO handle the menu content for both places too?

Side Note: the name “Crepe Escape” makes me think that we go there to get away from the over-abundance of crepes in our day-to-day lives.  I have been mistakenly calling it “Crepe Expectations,” which I think is a much better name.

But really, they should just call it “the East Sac Crepeville,” because that’s what everyone else will be calling it.

Food ***

Price $$

Atmosphere ***

6 thoughts on “The Crepe Escape”

  1. I had been wondering about the different names for what, from what I could tell during my Crepe Escape experience on Freeport, seems exactly the same Crepe restaurants.


  2. It is my firm belief that MRS Sac-Eats is the raven-haired beauty. MR Sac-Eats, while strikingly handsome and of the gifted palate, is more Nordic lookin’.


  3. OK, so we tried this out, too.
    First impressions…whoa, they spent a TON of money painting and decorating the joint. Looks nice, just doesn’t exactly fit in.

    We were there last weekend, during it’s first few days, and walked into a “NO PLASTIC-CASH AND CHECK ONLY” sign. Booooo! A man saw the puzzled look on my face, I asked him if that was still the case, and he said “No problem. Eat now, and pay me later!”…”Like a crepe tab?” I asked, he laughed and confirmed. As the owner, this is a super cool guy who’s willing to do what it takes to fill his restaurant, and I LOVE THAT.

    The food was good–nothing spectacular–service was so-so, but hey, they just opened and that’s what I expect.

    To note:
    They’ve got a rad orange juice squeezing machine. Check it out!
    THis owner also owns the crepe place on Freeport, which does explain the similarities…

    All in all, I’ll be back (this morning, actually), and hey, now it’s the third closest restaurant to my house.


  4. Yes, Crepeville is cash only as well and I seem to always forget that. But, Crepeville has an ATM machine hidden in the back so they don’t offer the crepe tab.


  5. Hecubus, though reasonable minds can differ on “raven-haired” status, all can agree that Mr. Eats is one damn fine looking man.

    And, following suit, The Crepe Escape ALSO has an ATM machine hidden in the back.


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