CoolDMZ’s trip to Ashland (PHOTOS)

Took the family up Oregon way last week for a real old-fashioned Summer Vacation. I had never been up I-5 past Woodland, oddly enough, and although you don’t see much up that way–and the air was still smoky–it was a great drive. The flat area of Siskiyou County, the part containing Yreka, is just about the most beautiful country you’ll ever see. It would be bonkers at sunset.

Our destination was Ashland, which is a great little town. More charm in that town per square inch than most other entire other cute small towns. Slideshow after the jump…

Note: I am aware that I am a terrible photographer, but I do think that the readers deserve more personal photos on The Sac Rag. So take it with a grain of salt. Maybe I can get Pardee’s to donate a big expensive camera with a nice lense in exchange for free sponsorship of all our slideshows? Don’t bother commenting on the photo skillz–but if you have advice go ahead and email me.

Where’dya stay, what’dya eat:
Spring Hill Suites, Medford – This newish hotel was totally cute and wonderful to stay in. Prices are pretty good. Staying outside Ashland meant hitting I-5 for the 10 mile trip back to town, but with the little kids it was worth it. The one drawback was that they were doing serious road work all around the hotel so there were intermittent closures and detours and waiting just to get out of the parking lot.

The Farm, Medford – Cute little working farm with a massive petting zoo and general store. I almost was devoured by goats and a deer. A great way to get E. coli if you are looking for some of that action.

Louie’s – This was our pick for creekside dining in Ashland. The food was nothing to write home(page) about but the creekside experience was great.

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8 thoughts on “CoolDMZ’s trip to Ashland (PHOTOS)”

  1. i spent a lot of time growing up on a farm on the outskirts of ashland and loved it. go back every year and catch a few shows at the tail end (halloween week) of the “shakespeare” festival, although i only see contemporary theater up there.

    probably the best regular theater co on the west coast – worth driving from sacramento definitely.

    and a few good restaurants (and several mediocre ones), a great indy bookstore, and some very nice clothes shopping etc.

    great walking town, nice houses, deer everywhere and lithia park is fantastic.


  2. Ashland is my personal mecca. I try to make the Shakesfest twice a year. Went in May and saw a great show called “The Clay Cart” but I was disappointed in the “rave-style” Midsummer Night’s Dream..The fairies were…well…fairies. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”…No Ashland trip is complete without a visit to the lost-in-time old school dining house Omars. Hope ya went. I also like that the few miles below the border and extending all the way to Medford is the independent state of Jefferson (you might have seen the big sign on a barn along I-5. Your pictures of Lithia Park are great. You sell yourself short.


  3. thanks Hecubus! my wife took the closeup of the leaves… and Picasa’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” button did the rest…

    i did not go to Omars, but we loved it enough that there will definitely be a Next Time, so maybe then. i should add a recommendations/”Whered’ya eat” section to the post!

    i had seen Huell Howser’s episode on Siskiyou/Klamath/Jefferson/Trinity etc so I knew to look for the cow sculpture, etc. Yreka was underwhelming though, and frankly pretty creepy.


  4. My mother-in-law lives in Ashland and, despite that connection, I don’t get up there nearly enough. Even though the town is geared for tourists, and full of theater nuts, it’s still a slowed down pace and a fun place to just hang out, walk around, people watch…

    Glad to hear you had a good time and plan to go back.


  5. decent thai place there too. and a great breakfast diner/bakery.

    if you can, go at halloween weekend … they have a parade that is better than any crazy san francisco parade, with practically all of Ashland in elaborate costume.


  6. I too passed through Lithia park on my olde fashioned family vacation last week. I have family in medford so I slept on an air mattress, but the prices were great. I only got to spend one evening in ashland, but I’m going to try to get back up for a full weekend of touristy funness.

    For $0 we were able to view part of one of the productions from the back of the theater, watch a dance troupe rehearse at one of the outdoor theaters, and walk the trails at that beautiful park.

    I think that Huell could do a show from ashland, since it’s practically in California.


  7. I keep trying to find a mean sarcastic angle to that but I have come to the conclusion that there isn’t one. Yeah, next time we might try to take in some theater.


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