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kitty burrito
kitty burrito

Just in time for this week’s News & Review, I’d like to react to last week’s cover piece on burritos written by Ben Russell. Russell really seems to know how to turn a phrase, and the piece is actually incredibly informative. For example it confirmed my preference for Guerrero’s tortillas as the best tortillas at your local supermarket (or your massive soulless food chain, whatever your preference), and it taught me that the word for people from the state of Jalisco in Mexico is Jaliscenes.

However, as one of the area’s most frequent burrito consumers (by anecdotal evidence only–if you include the 2 that come packaged from Trader Joes as 2 burritos, I think I probably eat 5 a week), I was completely let down by the absence of any sort of list. The piece is dripping with of ennui, more a “serche la burrito” tale than a celebration of mankind’s greatest creation involving meat wrapped in flatbread. In fact it mostly seems to be an article about how despite the myriad burrito choices, not only is there no one best burrito in town, there are in many ways no good burritos to be had, as none of them live up to Russell’s ideal of Burrito. We are left watching burrito-shaped images flicker on the cave wall.

But I’m being facetious. I think it’s a great piece, chiefly due to its rhapsodic treatment of the eating of my favorite food item. While I am somewhat of a pushover for burritos, I definitely have a higher standard than I do for hamburgers, probably because the various ingredients of a burrito tend to coalesce due to the wrapping aspect. For example, my wife and I have had to stop going to Pancho’s/Maria’s (or Panchos Marias Panchos as I call it), after a change in kitching staffing–which could have just been a temporary thing, I don’t know–led to a drastic change in the style and quality of the burro. We trek down to La Favorita on Stockton more frequently now.

What say the rest of you, are there good burritos to be had?

P.S. If you are the photographer of the piece, Jeremy Sykes, please email me, as I might have some childhood memory based questions to ask you…

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13 thoughts on “SN&R “on” best burritos”

  1. Hahaha! Great picture!

    I know there are better burritos to be had (and being vegetarian limits my knowledge of all types offered) but for fast food I hit Jimboy’s every time possible.


  2. My personal favorite is La Preferita on Mack and I try to go a couple times a month. It’s by the sample people as La Favorita so it’s very similar. In my experience, the meats at La Preferita are less fatty and I like their salsa better.


  3. The best burritos would have to be Senor Burritos, whose cart is at the corner of 7th and I Streets 11ish to when they are sold out. $4 for the burrito, a buck for a soda, and you have a great 5$ lunch. Includes homemade chips and salsa.


  4. bhd: If a massive conglomerate of douchebags were to buy up every Jimboy’s location and replace them with upscale taquerias, it would turn CoolDMZ into the biggest hypocrite in the world. I have mailed Jimboys taco sauce to Sacto-expatriate family members. I would wear the secret ingredient in their ground beef as cologne.

    La Preferita sounds great, MC… and Senor Burrito sounds intriguing too…


  5. Let’s give a shout-out to the lovely & charming Twin Soup girls-about-town, Rachel and Sarah, who graced the cover of the News y Review burrito edition!


  6. Okay, I know I will probably get shot for this, but I LOVE me some Chipotle. I can’t help it! I have been planning an event with a local Chipotle which has driven me to do some in depth research into the Chipotle inner workings, and aside from an extremely efficient system, there are some really interesting side notes. CEO Steve Ells is a graduate of the SF Culinary Institute of America, and when he opened the first Chipotle, it was to earn some capital so he could open a “real” upscale dream restaurant. Guess that dream took a tanker. And for you – “they’re just another corporate McDonald’s spin off” folks, they did have a temporary love affair with the Golden Arches, but they have paid that debt, and are now their very own, publicly traded entity. Mostly what I have appreciated is there seemingly – heart in the right place corporate directive moving towards sustainable vegetation farming and humane animal farming. I for one want my carnitas to romp and play before I eat them! Maybe they aren’t “authentic”, maybe they aren’t “mom and pop”, but they are damn tasty – and irrefutably consistent!

    PS: #24 Breakfast Burrito at Adalbertos, Carolinas, Robertitos… ‘da bomb. I appreciate they bi-partisan menu numbering at all restaurants, so I can just say “#24”.


  7. CSI Sac: The fact that you would advocate a chain restaurant over a local establishment horrifies me so much that it makes me want to burn off my own face.

    (I love Chipotle too: barbacoa fajita, lots of lettuce, hot salsa)


  8. Taqueria Guadalajara off Fair Oaks close to Munroe/Fulton.
    Spicy pork super burrito … just don’t let it cool down because the bacon grease congeals.
    There’s also Juan in a Million on Broadway … their steak-and-potatoes burrito.
    All that being said I think I’ve consumed more Chipotle burritos than any other …


  9. Taqueria Garibaldi off Howe and Alta Arden is the shit! (its next to this asian buffet and cost plus)… Good food, great atmosphere (actual mexican music on not like chipootle’s music), decent prices and open pretty late.

    Super burrito (wet) with carnitas is my weakness!


  10. Thanks ay and Amanda!!!!! (emphasis mine)

    I have always wanted to try Garibaldi. I’m going to have to wait until I forget your description of it though. When I think about eating a burrito, the shit is the one thing I don’t want to fear.


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