“Big Love” sightings

The internets were all abuzz with rumors of a Chloe Sevigny sighting at midtown vintage boutique Bows & Arrows on Saturday. Word from the Woodland Daily Democrat is that miss Sevigny was in the area filming “Big Love” for HBO:

[C]ast and crew arrived in Woodland Thursday night as part of a plot line that involves a family road trip retracing the steps of Joseph Smith, Jr., the founder of Mormonism. …

Additional scenes will be shot over the coming week in Grasslands Regional Park in Davis, and in various parts of Old Sacramento, he said.

So the bigger story is that this is your week to get a Bill Paxton or a Jeanne Tripplehorn sighting in Old Sacramento! I’m clearing my schedule as we speak.

Note to “Big Love” writers: Please, please, write a scene in which one of the younger wives is bossy and Bill Paxton says to the first wife, “Why don’tcha put HER in charge!!?”

Author: CoolDMZ

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  1. More importantly will Bill Paxton be attending mass in town? Because a certain Game Guy once “accidentally” kneed Mr. Paxton in the back as Mr. Paxton was praying during the eucharist, while said Game Guy was trying to squeeze past and get himself some of that sweet sweet communion wafer. It was Easter Sunday no less. It would be nice to get a do-over, perhaps worth stalking for.


  2. Or a plotline where Bill discovers that his kids are into monogamy:

    Bill Henrickson: That’s not a joke, that’s a severe behavioral disorder. I mean, the next thing you know, you’ll be wearing a bra on your head!


  3. mezzicun,

    I have a sighting worth mentioning…

    Once, when I was driving a cab in SF, I saw a homeless lady take a dump on the sidewalk, causing me to stop traffic.

    Sweatpants to her ankles, she proudly air dumped the Red October on the sidewalk for all to see. She then proceeded to wipe her large homeless ass with an opened up newspaper.

    Following the first swipe, she looked at the used page 3 and 4 of the San Francisco Chronicle (I like to imagine) to see if she got it all…

    Disappointed, she chucked the apocalyptic ball of hell into the middle of the street…

    Waning back and forth to get her balance, she leaned down once more, not to pull up her sweats, but to grab another sheet from her favorite newspaper.

    I made my saving throw, and broke the attack of the homeless women’s medusa ass gaze. Almost turned to stone, oh Willow, I tore off looking for a fair…

    Somebody, I mean SOMEBODY, please flag me down. I just need to know I am still alive for one thing and on the planet EARTH!

    Mind you, it was about lunchtime, Sunday, on Haight. Oh, I forgot the celeberty I saw: Spike from Buffy, in the Tenderloin a week prior, across from Mitchell Brothers…

    Best place in town for steak and herpes.


  4. John,
    that’s almost as socially awkward as the craze that inhabits this area when celebrities are spotted around town.


  5. Saw the episode last night. It was fun trying to figure out which shots were sacramento shots. Standing on the dock of the delta king with the ziggurat in the background was obvious, in the boat ramp parking lot across from discovery park, less obvious.


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