Best Of is Best!

Once again we’ve been chosen by you readerfolk as the Best Of something in the News & Review’s annual contest! Specifically, we are the 3rd Best Web site (in a tie with, hilariously) and the 2nd Best Blog, in another heartbreaking loss to the formidable Heckasac who can of course be found at Taking home top honors in the Best Sacramento Web site category is none other than … The Sacramento News & Review. Congratulations on winning your own contest!

And a special sexxy congratulations to Stickie, whose alter ego “Daniel F. Scott” was named #2 Best sexy Sacramentan! (And as a reminder, catch Stickie’s sexxy brain in action at The Shack tonight and every Wednesday night for trivia!)

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“The Adventures Of The Ganglians And Pete”

Heckasac has a video of Sacramento psych/noise pop band Ganglians playing their song “Hair” on the immortal show “The Adventures of Pete & Pete.” That’s not exactly what’s happening — the video is a mashup of the Ganglians song dubbed over the original track by members of the band Polaris, who did most of the music for the show. (But if you have never seen the members of the band Ganglians, like me, it would have taken you 20 minutes, like me, to figure out what was going on. Good thing I was Ace Blogger on this one and not my usual Post Now Google Shit Later Hack.)

However, the Ganglians song could be from 1994 — it has a sort of California garage mid-90s vibe. It reminds me of Further, an LA band from that era. The Ganglians tune is probably not for everybody, but I dig it a lot.

Beckler claims to be “too old to have watched Pete and Pete” but you’re never too old to enjoy that show. I don’t think I’m younger than Ms. Heckasac, but also I don’t actually think of “Pete and Pete” as something of my past. It seems like one of those things that you’ve either never heard of, or you love it so much you don’t go a week without thinking about it. Right? Right? Anyone?

Can’t wait to go back? Check out The Constants

LockeIf you’re eagerly awaiting the return of “Lost” on ABC next week, make sure to check out Sacramento’s premiere “Lost”-themed band The Constants. Their MySpace page boasts three songs and a video, and I suppose there must have been a long band meeting about whether or not to cover “You All Everybody,” and though I would love to hear it, I guess I probably would have also decided not to do it.

Sounds like: “We can’t really say that practicing is our… primary objective”

In the off chance that you have recently emerged from a time capsule and are currently burning through the “Lost” DVDs, the song “Who Will Go” will reveal lots of characters who die.

(Found this via Heckasac, of course)

“Big Love” sightings

The internets were all abuzz with rumors of a Chloe Sevigny sighting at midtown vintage boutique Bows & Arrows on Saturday. Word from the Woodland Daily Democrat is that miss Sevigny was in the area filming “Big Love” for HBO:

[C]ast and crew arrived in Woodland Thursday night as part of a plot line that involves a family road trip retracing the steps of Joseph Smith, Jr., the founder of Mormonism. …

Additional scenes will be shot over the coming week in Grasslands Regional Park in Davis, and in various parts of Old Sacramento, he said.

So the bigger story is that this is your week to get a Bill Paxton or a Jeanne Tripplehorn sighting in Old Sacramento! I’m clearing my schedule as we speak.

Note to “Big Love” writers: Please, please, write a scene in which one of the younger wives is bossy and Bill Paxton says to the first wife, “Why don’tcha put HER in charge!!?”

Bee to Voters: Budget Woes Are Your Fault

In a front page story today, the Bee chastises voters (presumably some of whom, you know, work at the Bee) for making the state “ungovernable” with our insistence on both mandatory spending and no tax increases.

Only 4 percent [of voters], according to a recent poll, have a “great deal” of confidence that lawmakers can do the right thing on the overdue spending plan.

But the same voters have passed laws that virtually guarantee annual spending increases for education, severely restrict what can be cut from transportation and local governments and make it virtually impossible to raise taxes.

The research that must have gone into pinpointing the voting records of every single California voter boggles the mind. Especially since nobody born after 1960 can be blamed for the passage of Prop 13 in 1978.

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Sac Bee comments must be stopped – UPDATED

This isn’t the first time that the racist idiocy that is the comments box at the Sac Bee has come to my attention. We here at the Rag, and other bloggers like Heckasac have often pointed out the problem.

Today’s racist idiocy comes from this story of the shooting death of a young woman in Oak Park: Continue reading “Sac Bee comments must be stopped – UPDATED”