Sign Sudoku – Land Park Pony Rides

I snapped a shot of the sign at the pony rides at Land Park, because I thought it would make a great logic puzzle to get our brains buzzing this fine Monday morning…

The hours and fees section alone forms a sort of Sudoku. From what I can tell, the hours are 11-4 on weekends during the Summer. However, the separate fees for weekdays tells me they must be open some weekdays, which actually coincides nicely with the fact that they are closed “most Mondays.” Does that mean all Mondays during the Winter, Spring and Fall?

Alternatively, I suppose the word “summer” might be syntactically linked with “weekdays,” indicating that they are always open weekends and only on weekdays during the Summer (except for most Mondays of course). I suppose that would make the most sense. Plus it still gives them the wiggle room to blow off work on any given Monday.

The rest of the sign is merely good old fashioned mangled English fun:

  • “All riders must be led one time around per ticket.” No half rides, no exceptions. Once your ticket gets punched, come hell or high water you’re taking that ride.
  • “If it is too HOT we have to close early for the ponies.” I guess that’s just sort of cute

I do like this little place though–my kids have never ridden, but I love knowing it’s there (certain Weekend holidays and the occasional Monday, that is). It’s got more of a cross-country trail as opposed to the usual donkey wheel setup. I noticed they actually have some little sections of fence in there that look like horses jumps; I wonder if they let the horses go off every once in a while? Maybe they are just hitching posts or something.

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3 thoughts on “Sign Sudoku – Land Park Pony Rides”

  1. Also of note, the caution in red that “If over 80 lbs need horse.” Seems like a good rule of thumb.


  2. This place is so fun for the kids, even if the sign is alittle excessive. It has been the same family since I was a child and now my daughter gets to visit that is the BEST!!


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