Unplugging at Shinneyboo Creek [PHOTOS]

Last week was the annual Cool family summer vacation fest, and this year we decided to try our hand at camping. We spent 3 nights at the awesomely named Shinneyboo Creek Cabins resort. Shinneyboo is located between Colfax and Truckee up I-80, about 75 miles away and about 7500 feet elevation.

We stayed in a tent cabin, which offers a lot of room and actual beds (though we still opted for sleeping bags). Roughing it without having to pitch your own tent (though next time we are down for that). There are about a dozen or so tent cabin sites at Shinneyboo, and each is provided a fire pit, a park style BBQ grill, and enough space to stretch out and make your own. There is potable water and there are facilities (including a shower)!

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Stuck in a-Lodi again

Spent some time in Lodi over the holidays with a family member who just moved there. My family on my father’s side is from Merced, so the Central Valley always feels very homey to me. We were close to downtown Lodi so on Boxing Day we took a nice walk down to visit the shops, since there was no rain. It seems like a pretty neat little downtown, with some nice local restaurants and lots of quirky shops. Tom’s Used Books in particular could just open up my wallet and take everything I’ve got, plus they have cats. Pictures after the jump.
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Apropos of nothing save the topic of it being Friday, I liked this lone and rather shapely evergreen (redwood, I believe?) standing strong in the rear of a business complex, competing with a satellite dish. Kicking its non-coniferous ass, I would say. Okay, this was also apropos of endowing non-bipedal things with the ability to “kick ass” twice this week.

(Forgive the crappy cellphone camera.)

How Convenient

The Air/Water machine at the 76 Station on Watt & Fair Oaks
There will be $0.50 fee for reading this post.

I think we’ve all figured out by now that more and more gas stations price their product depending on your method of payment.

The two-tiered system is completely legal, however is not an option for many gas station owners. Pumps that have the technology able to track dual-prices cost anywhere between $12,000 to $15,000, meaning many small stations simply cannot afford such a luxury…and are stuck with smaller margins due to processing costs.

Wouldn’t NOT upgrading pumps at a cost of around 60K to 100K also help with those margins?

At any rate, here’s a photo taken at the 76 Station on Watt & Fair Oaks. If you have coins on you, it’ll run you $0.75 to fill up those tires. If you don’t, the price goes up to $1.25. You know, “Same as Cash.”

Where was I? Least resistance

November 2, 2009 - Sacramento, CA
November 2, 2009 - Sacramento, CA

Here’s a shot taken in a busy Sacramento shopping center last week. You may have trouble getting into this area, but once you do you should be able to find our way out no problem.

NOTE: If you would like to participate in the Where was I? fun, feel free to send me your photograph along with a short blurb (and, you know, where you were) to rontopofit at sacrag dot com.