Name KCRA’s Newest Anchor/Adventures in Multiple Choice

???Here’s a little quiz for our loyal readers.

What is the name of KCRA’s newest anchor? (Pictured at right)
A) Sleptan Drood
B) Gurgan Flep
C) Gulstan Dart
D) Lionel Twain

Click here to find out if you’re correct.

3 thoughts on “Name KCRA’s Newest Anchor/Adventures in Multiple Choice”

  1. You forgot:

    “Zinglebert Bambledack! Yingeebert Dangleban! Zanglebert Dingleback! Winglebert Humptiback! Slut Bunwallah!” “What?” “All right, Kringlebert Fishtibuns! Steviebuns Buttrentrunden …” “Zinglebert Bambledack, Dinglebert Wangledack, Slut Bunwallah, Klingibum Fistlbars, Dinglebert Zambeldack, uh … Jerry Dorsey, Englerbert Humptiback, Zinglebert Bambledack, Engelbert Humperdinck, Dinglebert Wingledank …”


  2. Anytime a local news station gets a new anchor, it is huge, huge news. I would have appreciated being warned about this major announcement ahead of time so that I could be prepared for the earth-shaking effect this has had on my day.


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