Our picks for 2008 News & Review Readers’ Choice

As promised, our collective picks for some of the categories in this year’s Readers Choice awards. Make sure to vote online today or tomorrow. I had the date wrong last week, voting ends tomorrow. In addition to the below, we would appreciate your votes for Best blog, Best blogger (pick your favorite), and Best Sacramento Web site.

Food & Drink
Best restaurant: Maritime Seafood & Grill
Best soups: la bonne soupe
Best Thai: Thai Cottage
Best Wine Bar: 58 degrees & Holding
Best small plates: Formoli’s Bistro
Best BBQ: Big Joe’s BBQ (if you dolts vote for Texas West I’m going to come over to your house and give you a spice rub where the sun don’t shine (if you know what I mean))

Best Breakfast: Fox & Goose
Best Brewpub: Sacramento Brewing Company
Best French: Cafe Rolle
Best Food Find: Sampino’s Towne Foods, Boon Boon Cafe
Best Mexican Food: La Rosa Blanca (what? have you actually been there? I didn’t think so. Why don’t you try it before you get all righteous.)
Best Middle Eastern: Malooufs Taste of Lebanon
Best Fries: Cheffrey’s Sweet Potato Fries
Best New Restaurant: Tuli Bistro
Best Place for a beer: Manderes
Best kid-friendly restaurant: Burr’s

People & Places
Best unique restroom: E. K. McClatchy Library (drafty old Victorian bathroom)
Best radio personality: Brian Lee, KVMR
Best radio show: “Color Radio” on KVMR; Armstrong & Getty
Best place to beat the heat: Clunie Pool
Best doctor: Don Zacharias, MD
Best Teacher: David Merson, ARC Creative Writing; Dave Cooper, Folsom Lake College CSIS
Best place to propose: West steps of the Capitol

Arts & Entertainment
Best Comedy Club: Sacramento Comedy Spot
Best children’s entertainment: Funderland
Best band: Jackpot
Best album: The Ancient Sons, “The Dark Gospel”

Sports & Recreation
Best playground: McKinley Park
Best Sacramento Zoo exhibit: tigers
Best family outing: Zoo + Fairy Tale Town + Funderland

Goods & Services
Best spot for a manicure/pedicure: Ultimate Nails
Best massage therapist: Bassil Kamas
Best realtor: Pat Vogeli
Best Hardware: Yankee Ace Hardware

Note: No comments on this post, so that you will be forced to go fill out your ballot, we’ve given you no choice!

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