SN&R’s Best of Sacramento

The News & Review’s annual Best of Sacramento lists are out today, and while yours trulys got the shaft this year (well deserved maybe?) I’m sure there are some interesting picks on the list. It seems like the Reader’s Picks have finally made a hard turn toward the local, and it lifts the spirits to read the listings and see how many great local establishments are out there that people love.

What do you think? Any picks that you’re pumped about? Anybody else left in the cold?

Our picks for 2008 News & Review Readers’ Choice

As promised, our collective picks for some of the categories in this year’s Readers Choice awards. Make sure to vote online today or tomorrow. I had the date wrong last week, voting ends tomorrow. In addition to the below, we would appreciate your votes for Best blog, Best blogger (pick your favorite), and Best Sacramento Web site.

Food & Drink
Best restaurant: Maritime Seafood & Grill
Best soups: la bonne soupe
Best Thai: Thai Cottage
Best Wine Bar: 58 degrees & Holding
Best small plates: Formoli’s Bistro
Best BBQ: Big Joe’s BBQ (if you dolts vote for Texas West I’m going to come over to your house and give you a spice rub where the sun don’t shine (if you know what I mean))

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