Mati’s Indian Express

I was doubtful. It’s true. I typically don’t doubt Paul, but this time I thought he had to be a little off. Paul runs the Sacramento Epicureans dining group and tends to have very reliable opinions, and he swore that this little stripmall Indian joint in Natomas was great.

Strip mall? Natomas? Are you kidding me?

Turns out that Paul was right. Mati’s Indian Express is wonderful–fast, inexpensive, and delicious. This is not to say that it’s the best Indian dining in Sacramento, or that it doesn’t have its drawbacks (lack of a restroom comes to mind). But when viewed as a whole package, Mati’s is about three million times better than it should be.

On first impressions, Mati’s is small, plain, and, while not uninviting, not exactly inviting either. Prices on the wall seem fair at around $8 for a two item combo with rice and a drink. Pans of Indian dishes line the front counter ranging in color from burnt sienna to neon orange. Chicken, lamb, and vegetable curry, tikka masala, vindaloo, and all the usual suspects are there.

What sets Mati’s apart then is not the posh surroundings or exceptional service, but rather the food, which, for a bare bones establishment like Mati’s, is fantastic. The chicken tikka masala is rich and just a tad sweet on the plus side, with the chicken being a tad dry on the minus side. The lamb vindaloo is spicy and rich, with the quality of the lamb really standing out. The naan, or Indian flatbread, is insanely good. Made fresh to order, it smells of flour and oil in perfect proportions, and works as a perfect sauce retrieval device.

So, if you find yourself in the greater Natomas Crossing area with a few minutes to spare and an empty stomach, check out Mati’s Indian Express. You’ll enjoy the flavors and the price. Just don’t show up with a full bladder.

Mati’s Indian Express- 3880 Truxel Blvd, Sacramento
Food***1/2 Service** Atmosphere*

4 thoughts on “Mati’s Indian Express”

  1. I have been there before. I was in the area dealing with Comcast (a few doors down) and decided to try it.

    When I entered I was immediately assaulted by a million wonderful aromas. Maybe it’s just me but I thought what I ordered tasted kind of bland (I can’t remember the names of the dishes) but with such a glowing review, I guess I’ll give it another shot.

    Fair warning, you clothes will smell like an Indian Kitchen for the rest of the day. Not particularly a bad thing but if you are going back to the office, beware!


  2. Yes, it’s a great place, I’ve been there many times.

    The mango yougurt drink is also really good.

    Servings are really big, almost (but not quite) big enough for two people.


  3. Doubt me again, I double dare you… I have ample lbs. of evidence that I know my food… Thanks for trusting my judgement and for the free publicity. 🙂

    And yes, try the Mango Lassi next time. Great addition to the Crazy Spicy Lamb Vindaloo.


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