Mati’s Indian Express

I was doubtful. It’s true. I typically don’t doubt Paul, but this time I thought he had to be a little off. Paul runs the Sacramento Epicureans dining group and tends to have very reliable opinions, and he swore that this little stripmall Indian joint in Natomas was great.

Strip mall? Natomas? Are you kidding me?

Turns out that Paul was right. Mati’s Indian Express is wonderful–fast, inexpensive, and delicious. This is not to say that it’s the best Indian dining in Sacramento, or that it doesn’t have its drawbacks (lack of a restroom comes to mind). But when viewed as a whole package, Mati’s is about three million times better than it should be. Continue reading “Mati’s Indian Express”

Kathmandu Kitchen-9 out of 10 Sherpas Agree, It’s Yummy!

Not many people realize the size of Sacramento’s thriving Nepali community. At last count there were as many as 10-12 people in the greater Sacramento area who claim Nepal as their country of ancestry. Luckily for the rest of us, this hearty community has a fine cuisine that they choose to share with anyone who has the good fortune to step through the doors of the Kathmandu Kitchen on Broadway. (Don’t let the rumors mislead you, Kathmandu Kitchen is not closed; however, it was shut down for a number of months this year for extensive remodeling and an extensive trip back to Nepal by the owner. The doors are now open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week.)

Continue reading “Kathmandu Kitchen-9 out of 10 Sherpas Agree, It’s Yummy!”