What do we think of Analeigh?

The latest iteration of America’s Next Top Model premiered last night with another local product, St. Francis High School grad Analeigh Tipton (the Bee’s Leigh Grogan has been tracking this, of course). As you can see by the photo, Analeigh is 17 feet tall and is a proponent of peace.

In her audition she shared a creepy, funny-scary story about almost being sold to a Saudi prince. One wonders whether that hookup was brought to you by a modeling ad on Craigslist…

Did you see? What did you all think? Personally I think she might be a contender. Also watch out for the awkward Frenchie. Seriously, she looks like if they pick on her she might snap and kill a bitch.

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10 thoughts on “What do we think of Analeigh?”

  1. Using the Tyra vernacular, Analeigh was fierce, and she knows how to smile with her eyes. Like Melly, I would like to see Isis go far in the competition.

    Too bad the Alaska girl’s last name isn’t “Palin.” That would just seem so fitting.


  2. The Alaska girl claims to have grown up without water or power. I think she is the fiercest competitor ever, as in if the power goes out she will kill and eat Tyra.


  3. Oh…I also loved the Harvard graduate who majored in Lit. She didn’t seem to know the difference between Willa Cather and Willard Scott.


  4. Analeigh’s legs are too short. And she’s too pro-war. And her prejudice toward Saudi princes shows through. So she comes off as a bigoted toadey warmonger. Otherwise, she’s delicious, and I’d like to slather her with ice cream and tuna, with a hot chili sauce on top. But my husband would not like that, since chilis give him really bad gas. So I guess she’s ok.


  5. I’d still like to slather her with ice cream and tuna, with a hot chili sauce on top. Maybe my spouse would not like that, since chilis give him/her really bad gas?


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